Fattening Career - 3D weight gain visual novel (0.09 released for FREE!)

Welcome to Fattening Career, a Visual Novel that centers around feeding, weight gain, and a touch of breast expansion. In this game, you’ll have the opportunity to become an A+ Feeder, a chocolatier, a lab researcher, and more.

As a 21-year-old man embarking on your first year of Ms. Tanwen’s nutritional studies, you quickly realize that her lesson plan could use some improvement. After a lackluster first day of class, you decide to stay behind and discuss a new plan with Ms. Tanwen to make things more interesting. With a revised lesson plan, Ms. Tanwen will teach you about how the human body reacts to excess calories and different ways to consume them.

Along the way, you’ll meet many beautiful women in town and your goal will be to help them gain weight. Get a job and start your journey to becoming the ultimate feeder.

Fattening Career :

  • 13000+ Static Images
  • 950+ Animated scenes
  • 12 Girls, plus side girls to watch grow
  • 7 - 9 hours of story
  • Many feeding and sex sequences
  • Language : English

Fetishes :

  • Weight Gain /Feederism
  • Breast Expansion
  • Harem
  • Lactation
  • More optional fetishes coming in the future.

The Latest Version(0.09) adds :

  • 7 new Maya events
  • 6 new Hari events
  • Strip club redesign to Velvet Shadows (Amber & Katrine events still use old club visuals; will be fixed but not in 0.09)
  • 3 new Cayenne events
  • 2 new Marie events
  • 2 new Sally events
  • 2 new Lisa events
  • 1 new Amber event
  • 1 new Britta event
  • 1 new Lyn/Leanne event
  • Reworked classroom (less repetitive + multiple ways to progress through the classroom scene)
  • New and reworked Lyn/Leanne dates
  • Reworked Lisa gym events
  • New “turn around” button in the stats page.
  • New unlockable “undress” button in the stats page.
  • New unlockable “Story” button in the stats page.
  • Some UI improvements
  • Loads of new dialogue in repeatable scenes
  • Costume contest (Formerly known as the Halloween stream)
  • New music
  • Cheat Menu added: Money (accessed from the settings menu while in game, NOT the main menu.)
  • Various other small things

Links :

Credits :

Credits for the Leanne and Daisy story(and more in the future) go to Eyebeast:

DA: EyeBeast - Hobbyist, Writer | DeviantArt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EyeBeast8

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3751356&fan_landing=true

Credits for Luna her story and all the characters surrounding her go to Fantasy1291:

DA: fantasy1291 User Profile | DeviantArt

Credits for Lisa, Amber and Marie their writing go to Scribester:

DA: Scribester - Hobbyist, Writer | DeviantArt


For anyone interested in my work, i make the 3d rendered pictures with Virt-a-Mate. and i post my work on here: https://www.deviantart.com/bladerune9


Welcome @Bladerune9. I just saw your DeviantArt a few days ago.

It’s definitely a unique setting and idea for a game. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. Good luck with your project and again welcome to the forums.


This sounds interesting. Best of luck.


Sounds like a promising concept and I look forward to trying it out on release and if it’s anything like the pics you’ve posted on your DA, I know it’ll be great


Don’t think I’ve ever seen “start your own religion” as a promised feature for a fetish game, (well… maybe aside from Worshippers of the Gain). Really excited to see where that leads!


3D models like this aren’t really my cup of tea, but the concept itself is good enough, so…


As from what i see from the art on deviantart its looking promising :heart_eyes::star_struck:

Cant wait to see it become available/demo/paid game


yo this sounds awesome


Thanks all for the support.
Right now i’m mostly creating dialogue and checking spelling.
The programming work is pretty much done and written in a way that i can scale content quite easily.
Images are pretty much done, i scaled them down to 1280x720 so that the game wont be GigaBytes in size, its about 500MB right now.
For the early alpha the UI and transitions will be rough and unpolished.
Choices will be limited at start because they unlock as you go.

The early alpha release will be free to play for everyone, i will post a mega link.
later releases might be different but we aren’t there yet.


Really looking forward to it! Looks like this is going to be a great journey!

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Ooh, this sounds like it will be fun. Especially love anything wg with teachers

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Here is the first early alpha release.
I accept every suggestion, bug report and criticism.


What is there to do as of now?

You can fatten up the teacher for 8 stages, witness some events and get to meet some of the characters that will be available. But this release is quite bare, so I understand if you would wait it out.




if you’re worried about filesize converting png to webp saves a lot of filesize, a lot a lot, then again maybe you already did this (most/many) daz VNs use this trick for ren’py

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Yeah, i already converted all pictures to safe space.
it took the file size down about 42%!
Right now all images are 720p to also safe some space, but in the future i could release with 1080p if people want it and file size isn’t a concern.

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Somehow the skip only previously read text default option is broken, and it seems to be broken in the oddest of fashions, it’s almost as if the game decides upon starting to play that every passage in the game has been read and records a note of such?

It’s not the end of the world but this was a feature of ren’py I wasn’t even aware it was possible to break.

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I wonder if this is because i tested the game once more on this version i released here and it saved some stuff. Will have to look into that.

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