Fattening Factory

Hi so this is my first post. 1 gammer will not exsist here and 2 neither will spelling. Now I have been ghosting around here asking questions about games I like here and there. Though I finnaly thought of a game idea myself. Do note I will not be making a version myself as I do not know coding nor do I think learning would be easy.
The Idea
You just got a new factory it was used to test medicine in long long time ago. Now it has been run down and sold to you. You yourself will have a model or picture just as your employes and “specimine” that way you can test things on your self and see the effects or read a description of it or use your employes/specimen to do the same. I say specimine as they are common folk who needed a little extra cash or some people who needed to be “taught a lesson” (prisoners). either way do what you will make the company fatten people or turn them into some sort of animal/beast (of course I would imagine these would be humanoids not actual dogs/cats kinda thing) Another thing if your not to carefull the people may catch on and hate what your doing or if its gone on for long enough LOVE it 10 fold. Other issues could come up like machines breaking people going nuts medicine/food having an odd aspect let alone if we bring magic into it. after you built up 1 huge factory any not make another for doing something completely difrent as in one area for bellys another for breast or nsfw regens.

Now I may add to this later although again I ghost on here usually so maybe not. I 90% will not be coding this myself although I would like to be 1 the first person to test the game and be told how everything is going ect… (If keyword IF you credit me for the idea put FeederBreeder 124 not my username) I think thats about it

Edit: I did just remember that I have posted before asking for help with a game sorry

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a lot of idea giving on this site. this kinda thing wouldn’t fly on Eka’s…
I hope someone makes these games someday though.

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what do you mean Eka’s? is that someone on this site?

I’v made something like a stripped down version of this with hyper and lactation elements but its male only and still needs the endings to be finished with dialogue and images.

sounds interesting is there post made already with the basic idea? or a demo?

I could. I didn’t think there was much of an interest here for male WG.


Oh, I’d love to see some more male WG here. I just think the community is predominantly female-focused because…I dunno, heteros?

But yes, male WG could use more love.


Eka’s Portal. It’s like this site, except it’s focused on vore, it has art galleries(like deviantart).

And it allows loli…


I want more mutual weight gain honestly but I would take more male considering.


I see that makes sense

im not a huge fan of male wg myself but its the idea of the game I want to see even if its male

like danget and DesperateCreator said we could use more male/mutal weightgain I belive this site is mainly female because its what a lot of people see and so they do that doen’t mean we don’t want more male or non binary ect…

The idea first posted in this thread may have influenced a user on another website into making games like that one where you have to use different colored sprays to color foods and avoid eating purple blobs of goo, with the game ending when a set number of foods or blobs are eaten without getting too full (with my favorite being the endless burping ending).

I know of the game your talking about and I can’t recall the name at the moment though I actually made this post after playing that game so I was more influenced by it then it was influenced by me if anything. Though Ill be honest that’s kind of close to the idea but I was thinking on like a BIGGER scale not just one person gaining weight but multiple clients.

Lachevite is the creator of the game in question