fattening medicine?

I have a friend who is also attracted to this fetish, and he has a feedee girlfriend (I wish I had one :c).
He asked me if there were pills or some kind of medicine that would lower the metabolism or make a person hungrier, He thinks it’s a great idea to give that to his girl. I admit that although I like this fetish I don’t know much about medicine that does that, so that’s what my question comes to, is there medicine that does that? and if there is what is its name? :thinking: :astonished:

oh and I almost forgot , is it a good Idea using medicine to make fatter a person?
I don’t think it’s necessary but that’s just my opinion ,I’m not a feeder after all or at least not yet… xd


Some medications have weight gain as a side effect, but have many other dangerous side effects.

is it a good Idea using medicine to make fatter a person?

Probably not in real life.


I recommend just getting some kinda puree-making machine. A blender, staff mixer… stuff like that. Its really easy to slurp away massive amounts of food when its a drink. Mix with water or milk when its too thick.


As far as I’m aware, there is no miracle drug which will put on the pounds without some serious risks. There is Apetamin which was used as a weight gain drug recently but it has several side effects that would make it not worth using.

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there are appetite stimulants that in theory are somewhat harmless… if not a bit pricy

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There is no drug that exists solely for the purpose of packing on pounds without side effects, and when you get down to it, that makes perfect sense. Medicine exists for the sole purpose of setting the body to rights when someone is ill, injured, or has a medical disorder. Why the hell would there be a drug that just makes you fat? That’d be a waste of money for whatever lab cooks it up.

Instead of questionable pills, some gainers use protein powder or similar products. These are meant to make you gain weight, they’re just made with the understanding that you’re doing it to gain muscle mass. I don’t believe these are risk-free, but I’d wager they’re much safer than actual drugs.


@Shugoki and @FeelingHealing are basically spot on with that one. I can’t name any actual weight gain pills, but if they exist, their side effects would probably make them not worth using.

Weight gain shakes and consistent overeating are solid first steps. Drinking calories versus eating them is particularly effective, since you won’t have the same problem of feeling full like you would with food. And by overeating, I mean just pushing a little further, not to the point of being sick. The whole idea being to stretch out a person’s stomach so that, over time, they can eat more and more, upping their daily calorie count.

The time a person eats can also factor in. Eating a big breakfast and a small, early supper is a better way to maintain or lose weight, for example, then having a big supper fairly late at night. The difference is you just took in a large influx of calories just before you slept, so the calories have nothing to do but be converted to fat.

Probably the best option, though, is for the feedee in question to ask another gainer what they did that works. As for the metabolism, I wouldn’t worry too much about that one. It’s very, very rare for a person to have a metabolism that burns so hot that it can deal with all the calories you’re consuming past a certain point. And as someone gets older, everything will start slowing down, making the pounds come on easier.


Well you could try weight gain supplements
This hound thinks cb-1 weight gainer could be useful, keyword could I don’t have much information except what’s on there official website

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today I told my friend that it isn’t a good idea because it could be too expensive in my opinion,surprisingly he agreed with me (he almost always disagrees with me when it is time to answer a strange question like this), the only thing he is going to try, is giving her some kind of Weight gain shakes.I must admit that although I like this fetish, it is the strangest question or request that I have been asked to answer… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face:

oh I almost forgot, thanks everyone to answer this question :blush: :+1:

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For OP’s benefit, and because I don’t trust pharmaceutical recommendations from a dog, here’s the Amazon review page.

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Hey, he’s got three heads. That’s, like, two more heads then other dogs. Makes’em at least twice as smart.

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The drugs most likely to cause weight gain are anti-psychotics (have fund with those side effects) and some antidepressants (especially Remeron). They usually do this by antagonizing dopamine receptors and the serotonin 2A receptors which in turn produce lethargy and an increase in appetite as side effects. That being said it is INCREDIBLY STUPID to use pharmaceuticals to gain weight unless there is something clinically wrong with you i.e. being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and being prescribed one of these drugs. Gaining weight is very simple. You don’t need any pills. Just consume more calories that your body burns. There, your friend’s problem is solved.


That’s 3 times the dog to worry about, and therefore 3 times the untrustworthiness.

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Are you a cat person by any chance because dogs are pretty trust worthy especially when it comes to spoting danger and sevirce dogs as well make people with disabilities able to live easier lives. I’m personally both like cats and dogs but like cats a little more because leopards.

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I didn’t say you can’t trust a dog, I just said you can’t trust them with pharmaceuticals.

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I can’t blame you
I’m better at figuring out how reality works, freaky weird stuff that defies current understanding, world building, poetry, using fancy words such as sesquidpadilien or reciprocal fictionalization right
When it comes to pharmaceuticals and writing a story, this hound ain’t afraid to admit he knows practically jack, diddly, and squat
Though I have scavenged knowledge over the internet amongst on of my documents I think
May take me a bit so pm me in a bit if you want what I’ve found in the cold, muggy, soggy swamp called the internet
Ps If you get the reference good for you you’ve played a certain game series

You can use insulin for this as well as some things that are said to be anti-diabetic in natural medicine. Pretty sure people get fatter from marijuana all the time too. There was also a vitamin syrup called Apetamin that was specifically made to help people who are struggling to eat enough. Sadly, it is not legal to buy because of its additional anti-histamine effects from a compound that would be prescription only.

You should, categorically, under no circumstance, use insulin in a way that is not prescribed by a doctor. Insulin is a hard enough thing to manage for people when they have diabetes; A mess up can result in serious harm or death.


To quote a post I made previously on this subject from a RL perspective:

Apetamin’s potential side-effects and negative impacts on the liver make it not really worthwhile given there’s other alternatives out there; anything with mirtazapine, olanzapine or quetiapine would probably have the same efficacy.

I would suggest Rosiglitazone or Lobeglitazone before any of those, ESPECIALLY since they also encourage the formation of new fat cells, among other desirable side-effects.

Other options:
Megestrol acetate is something actually used medically as an appetite stimulant. Glibenclamide (like other Sulfonylurea-type drugs) is a diabetes medication that stimulates insulin production. GHRP-6 and Ibutamoren mimic ghrelin, which is the main hormone that stimulates hunger and is used to treat anorexia, as is Pralmorelin.

Any of these would definitely help as long as the negative side-effects don’t outweigh the positives (as far as WG is concerned). That said, why bother when something as simple as fructose is an appetite stimulant? The THC in cannabis also works and is probably safer and more obtainable than most of these ‘medical’ strategies.

To get into even more esoteric depths of academia, there’s a reasonable body of knowledge about the sorts of receptors and pathways that encourage formation and/or growth of fat cells, but this is almost always (apart from those interested in more advanced versions of a Brazilian Butt Lift) with the goal of making drugs with the opposite effect.

In a work of fiction, it is Very Unlikely but plausible that a man in medical research with enough money could order and/or administer drugs that not only encourage weight gain but - through targeted injections - target said weight gain into particular regions of the body. Needless to say, actually doing that IRL would involve varying degrees of fraud, medical ethics violations etc.

And yeah, to echo Juxta, messing with insulin has a high risk of bodily harm, let alone that actively trying to get insulin levels to spike leads towards insulin resistance, thereby making it self-defeating beyond the immediate short-term.