Fattening Rancher V 0.0.1

So i’m been a long time lurker and wanted to make my own game. It is mainly a reskin of slime rancher’s slimes as gluttonous humans (who can eat alot) where you can fatten up all the Humans (and mabey even yourself!)

UPDATE- V 0.0.1- have added 2 weight gain stages for the Pink specimne

Here is a WIP version of the game!


well my friend u seem new here but this should be at projects category

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wait ok what is this, a mod?? why is the download an HTML file?

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It’s a Twine game, just open it in your browser. I’ve added some more tags that should hopefully make that clearer (still feels weird being able to edit posts like this lol).


Not a lot you can do in this atm. Just a short intro, and then a list of specimens you can’t actually collect.

This is a cool premise but you cannot do anything in your current build; all options lead to nothing. In the future I’d hold off on publishing anything in the “Projects” category until you actually have something playable.

Yeah, I thought I posted this in Project Ideas and discussion.

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Thanks for doing that!

NEW UPDATE!! Read description for more info.

Was this page removed? It’s no longer accessible


then this disapear. i never new how it look like

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