Fattening Roommates: Wish Principle - A short story with Ren'py

I created a short weight gain visual novel (25-30 minutes). I just leave it here, don’t expect too much since I did it as a 1-day project so it’s not really polished or anything but I think it’s playable. I apologize in advance for my terrible english (not my first language).

The game is free to download on itch: click here to go the download page

I won’t leave any screenshot here (anyway there are some on the download page) since I will spoil you the few (maybe) good things I managed to do :wink:

Please if you download and play it leave a feedback. I hope everything works but who knows.

Fattening Roommates: Wish Principle by eisenwg (itch.io)

Side note: I already made a thread here for my other game ‘The weight romance’ which I had to put on indefinite hiatus because of life stuff. I had the time to do this little fun project for myself and I really had fun even if sometimes I asked myself what the heck I was doing with my life :smile:


Short, but good! I wish there were more graphics for the belly squeezing scene.
The text for Viola should be a lighter color for contrast. Same for mystery shrine lady.

Thanks! Just the fact it works properly it’s a big relief.

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Please, make sure you put the right tags on itch. There are a lot of good games that are impossible to find because of the tags.

PS: definitely will be playing this

Thanks for the tip! I think I didn’t see any weight gain related tags on itch but I will check.

Itch’s tags are a mess. It’s under weight-gain and I don’t remember if there’s one that is one word or not. Even with proper tags games can be hard to find or impossible to search for.

EDIT: And you are also limited to the amount you can put. I would recommend tagging the game with it’s “strongest”, most relevant tags.

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This basically, i´ve seen games tagged with weight-gain, weightgain, fat, bbw, stuffing, etc. I´d say that you look the games that are under weight-gain and look at the tags that they have to have a refference.

Considering the amount of time spent and that english is not your main language, the game is great for your scope and story. There’s only minor typos and the game is very understandable and I encountered no bugs or issues. It’s quick but enjoyable. Sad to hear about your other project, the concept sounded interesting and was looking forward to seeing more. But completely understandable, life comes first and often gets in the way of things as there’s never enough time for everything. Even this is a concept I wouldn’t mind seeing more fleshed out, thanks for sharing.

I am glad you enjoyed it. Yeah the scope is very limited and I thought of it like a small demo to see what can be done with the tools since I am nowhere near a real developer. As for the other game it was meant to be much longer and “ambitious”. Unfortunately I have to first complete my studies plus I was not in the mood for quite some time. I hope one day to come back to it and continue, meanwhile I could work on some other short games like this one.

Fixed the tags. Thanks for your explanations.


Good stuff man! I usually like longer form games but every now and then a short and sweet game hits just right. Your english is really impressive and I do hope you keep making stuff. I really like the look of the characters and the simple style they have. What AI did you use? I also hope you keep making stuff and good luck with the studies!

Not having a textbox looks “cool” and slick/modern… but… it just hurts my eyes :frowning: Please add the textbox back in. There’s a reason it exists, it maintains readability via contrast.

Thank you!

There is a reson for that. Simply the textbox would cover the bellies, I prefer to have them at full display all the time :rofl:

Plus I always try to mimic my favourite vn that is muv-luv so it comes from that.

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Since you’re using sprites, the images aren’t unique to every single line of text. Players can just hit H to check out the bellies :-/

Cute story and style, wished it was a bit longer and maybe had a couple of choices, but it was enjoyable. Thanks!

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Will there be any web versions or Android versions in the near future

I came across this game after I learned about your big project The Weight Romance in development.

For me, this is one of the most interesting and cute themed games.
I wish there were more games like this. Specifically, games with a coherent storyline that don’t turn into grind and clicker games with repetitive events.

Thank you for your games.
Now I look forward to your new video games even more.


Thank you, I am glad you liked it! This was just a small demo :wink:

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