Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

She can be found at the beach.

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Did you find out about the bugs I told you about

With the information I had, the only bugs I was able to locate that weren’t previously known to me were npcs not disappearing when defeated in the prison showers.

Now, the current dev build has implemented a number of fixes to things previously reported in the current public build, so it’s possible that this bug has already been fixed. However, with how I do things, it’s kind of… Impossible for me to put out a bugfix update now, because there’s too much incomplete new content that would need dummying out.

Ideally, you can play past the bug, as i believe the current build’s content can be completed.

What are the rules for eating your teammates?
And do you have any predictions for when the next update will release?

Is there a way to replay size-up events? Is it something you unlock at the end of the current build.

What are some of the more major characters you plan to to make recruitable, excluding the sideones that don’t take up party space

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something unusual happened. i never recruited her in phase 1 yet her dialogue is here and she’s no where to be found on the map. another part of this is it’s acting like i’m starting polly’s baking quest yet i never talked to her about it either.

So how do I play past the bug then also if there is a public build that has this problem fix how do I get it

man, props to you on this game cause it’s amazing how much there is to do in this, entertained me more than a whole lotta non fetish, triple a games. you a g. just askin if you have any idea on dates for the next patch? also please add more weight stages for the player character,she’s gotta be THE fattest there is! but no hurries, take care of yourself and what’s important to you first if you need to bro. be good.
(also maybe bigger animal vore, like voring actual cows or horses or even bigger animals?)

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If your on phase 2 where do you find the last 2 cult and gain members

I need help maann. How can i met rachel again after she ran out of her apartment and get her to join me.

If you didn’t choose Rachel in the beginning then I don’t think you can get her later

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i mean if i can go find her afterwards or recruit her after rumia to get both but in another phase yk

I had to read it twice im sorry haha

It’s all good, I haven’t played in a while but I always chose Rachel (except one time and I regretted it) And I was never able to get Rumia after recruiting Rachel. I am pretty sure you either recruit Rumia or Rachel

There are a few characters that you can’t recruit if you recruit specific characters (e.g. Nanette or Polly)


ughh man im so bad at phase two so i was thinking if were are any debug suff exept the phase change stuff at the beginning or something, and my nanette on lvl 27 misses every hit on every enemy…i think thats a bug or smt

Nanette is not much of a fighter in the early part of phase 2 until she gets stronger butt attacks, otherwise accuracy is a bit random at times and sometimes prolongs some fights, but that’s what the rest of the party is for. use same types to exploit the weakness of enemies so that is one misses then the other party member should still hit

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so no debug stuff or anything ?

no debug stuff, but you can google rpg maker save editor and use that to give your self as much gold as you want, if you can figure out which item is which you can give your self as many as you want for fast leveling

I use it to buy bluebell specials for free exp to level balance each character as to quickly progress though the phases to see new content and new sprite sizes

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How do you unlock Pheobe?