Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

look up the website rpgmakersaveeditor. From there, go to your game files, look for the folder that says www, from there go to saves. Then, look for the save file you want, for example “save 1”. From there, put it into the website change the attributes or money. And open up the orginal save file. Delete the previous history, and put in the new one found in the file. From there, you should be good.


Hey quick question
How do I use the insta-meals?

U gotta find the massive milf in the neighborhood. She’s the only one who can cook em. The main character cannot eat em

I want to share my opinion, now that i was able to “beat” the current version in 3 different playthrougs, and i say is really good.I can’t imagine how difficult it was to make the different branching paths and the fact other characters can still be interacted when not recruited and the comments they make on each other (like how most of the characters are aware that Penny is downright evil and that is trying to manipulate them). And the sorta FE triangle system of the game is very interesting. There are bugs, but very few were game-breaking and considering the amount of stuff the games has, is something to be expected but even still is the game is very stable.

There are , however , 2 things that i dislike and the first one is the farming of some items , specially the ones in the Farm, because it seems that the drop rate of them is way too low and getting the items to trade in the farm feel almost impossible to get (none of the playthrougs i did i reach the amount neeeded,and i stopped trying after an hour of farming). The 2nd is what characters can be recruited. I understand that some characters can’t be recruited if you have another (like Rumia or Rachel) and is part of the gameplay that you can decide to ditch a teammate or not. But even if you don’t need that requisite with some characters, you still are unable to recruit them and i feel is very limiting in what you can do, and worse is that it seems that in the current version even if you ditch some characters,they are still unable to be recruited (in one playthrough that got bugged, i recruited Ming but i was unable to recruit Priya, Sheila, Penny and Skein and even worse , i was unable to interact with Penny, so i couldn’t progress since i was with Expa in that run and talking to Sofia made me lose Bella and i couldn’t take her back even after paying the debt).

Despite these things, i really liked the game and some interactions and jokes were really funny. I’m hoping to see how it continues and how the story will go later. I’m also in the middle of a project that i hope it can be as good this game and others that i played.

Awesome work!.


Bug Report: After recruiting Susan, the class room bugs out and I can’t leave, it says I have to talk to them even though I already have.

Hello, i was wondering if there was some list of locations for GAIN and Cultist bosses, i am on the Accidentally Employed quest and i have only been able to find 7/8 of the bosses, thus barring my progression completely.

managed to find the last one while doing something else, how fortuitous

Can you still do the lost cow mission?

Hey you gonna do something special for this holiday season like you did with phoebe’s holiday hoggery in 2021?


I would love to, and I’ve been kicking around an idea featuring the bakery and the holidays, but at this point I’ll settle for having the next update out for Christmas.


How do you recruit Rachel?

can’t have the roommate as an ally, i believe. so if you have the roommate, you gotta get rid of her somehow

I’ll put this as spoiler:

At the beggining of the game , you must choose between Rumia or Rachel (i think there is also the option to choose to eat both, i can’t remember now). You can let one eat the other or just intervene to stop them depending on your actions.After that, the character you didn’t choose to team up and lived (if you intervene or simply let Rachel to go on her way after helping her at the beggining) won’t be able to be recruited but can appear later in the story as npc in some events.

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i will admit, this game is fun, but the AMOUNT of fucking “game over, load your save :)” instances that occur in at least the early part of the game is somewhat killing the mood a little.


So update seems to be postponed after christmas, I hope you aren’t overworked yourself on it


This update is gonna be good! and also, now that enough time as passed so I’ll definitely be able to play from the start

Hello, i wanted to play yhis game a while ago… but i really don’t know wich file do i need to download 'cause i read it that its appears to have a couple of bugs, so i get it that the 07.1 isn’t the most recent upload or it is? please guys can you attach the most recent upload?? is the most recent update from March of this year.

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Thank you bro!! now i can play in peace XD

how am i supposed to leave this place??

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