Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

Buenas, habiendo leído sus argumento sobre el tema de hacer un chatbot ia de F.E.F. y revisado detenidamente el F.E.F. de writing.com, ya les digo de antemano esto es un fan made, que podría ser lo mismo que si hiciera un fan art en DA, y recién encontré esta pág. que permite contenido NSFW por lo que todo esta muy verde. También nunca tuve intención de remplazar ninguno de los F.E.F. y conseguir recompensas fuera de la propia pág. del chat e iba a poner sus respectivos créditos a los creadores en los que me baso. Tampoco voy a decirle j*dete a los creadores, así que lo voy a poner primero en privado, y si no hay conflicto, estará en publico. Esto lo hago porque me gusta el juego y punto.
Lo escribí primero en español para poder expresarme correctamente.

Hi, having read your argument on the subject of making an F.E.F. and carefully reviewed the F.E.F. from writing.com, I tell you beforehand this is a fan made, which could be the same as if I made a fan art in DA, and I just found this page which allows NSFW content so everything is very green. I also never intended to replace any of the F.E.F. and get rewards off the page itself of the chat and I was going to put their respective credits to the creators on which I base myself. I’m not going to say f*ck the creators either, so I’m going to put it in private first, and if there’s no conflict with them, it’ll be in public. I do this because I like the game.
I wrote it first in Spanish to be able to express myself correctly.

You have my respect.

If your argument is that this is a fan project based on the F.E.F interactive from writing.com, and therefore okay for you to use the the art from this game for your own Ai Chat, then you’re wrong. If you want to make a Ai chat bot and use the same characters as your own form of fan art, great go ahead make a Ai chat bot and have fun with it, but you can’t use the art here as it was made by this game’s dev.

Just because this is a fan project based on the writing.com interactive does not give you the right to use other people’s work, the main similarities this game has with the character’s from the interactive is mainly just the names and a few descriptors like Phoebe being a mother. Don’t use this forum as a excuse to use others art just because you asked publicly and they didn’t reply to your post, just private message herokero and ask them about this. I’m only saying this as I have been helping them with the odd set of sprites for this game and i understand that they don’t check this forum as often as I do.

In Spanish to avoid language barrier via google translate
En español para evitar la barrera del idioma a través del traductor de Google.

Si tu argumento es que este es un proyecto de un fan basado en el interactivo F.E.F dewriting.com y, por lo tanto, está bien que uses el arte de este juego para tu propio Ai Chat, entonces estás equivocado. Si quieres crear un bot de chat de Ai y usar los mismos personajes que tu propia forma de fan art, genial, adelante, haz un bot de chat de Ai y diviértete con él, pero no puedes usar el arte aquí porque fue hecho por el desarrollador de este juego.

El hecho de que este sea un proyecto de fans basado en el interactivo dewriting.com no te da derecho a usar el trabajo de otras personas, las principales similitudes que tiene este juego con los personajes del interactivo son principalmente solo los nombres y algunos descriptores como Phoebe siendo una madre. No uses este foro como excusa para usar el arte de otros solo porque preguntaste públicamente y no respondieron a tu publicación, solo envía un mensaje privado a herokero y pregúntales sobre esto. Sólo digo esto porque les he estado ayudando con algún que otro conjunto de sprites para este juego y entiendo que no revisan este foro con tanta frecuencia como yo.

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I’m just curious but will we be able to collect blob enemies in the future update ?


I’m…very confused at this argument.
“You can use the characters from the game fine! You can’t use the art because it is the game and made for the game! The characters from the game are different than the ones from the interactive! But the characters for the game are fine to use for anything!”

just…oww…the hell…

There’s really no reason to get this hostile over someone asking to use the files to help their own fan art, just like how this game started as fan art for the original interactive. It isn’t even hard to access the files if you know your way around RPGmaker, it is how I made my Transparent Portraits mode. Or just…take screenshots of the game itself and edit around that.

The prevalence of people making AI Chatbots of this forum’s game characters is definitely concerning in some respects but I’m very certain everyone here means no ill will and just want to gush over their favorite characters using tools accessible to them. It is fine to say no, but accusing them of trying to go over herokero’s head by…asking them for permission in a public way like many other people have is just…weird.


if they wanted to make a AI chatbot based on the characters used in the F.E.F interactive then they could with no problems and it would have been their own fan work, but they wanted to use herkero’s art for it. So as long as they don’t use the art from this game its fine if they decide to make their own chatbot

What made me angry about it is that they replied to someone else also saying they shouldn’t use the art without permission, and to justify that they have every right to use other’s art works was because this is a fan art project.

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It’s the same author for both the game and the text adventure

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Man, I go quiet for another month and things get messy in here!

I am broadly not against the idea of chatbots, though I admit to also having like an immediate adverse reaction to the term “AI” given its current presence in art and other creative fields at the moment. I also, like, don’t know if there’s enough writing for most characters beyond the more exaggerated types to even train a bot on? That said, if the desire is really there, please DM me, as I’ll probably have questions and I don’t see the need to clog up this thread with them. @BTM @Centari_Omega-3

But the entire area is messy and murky, and this game being, at this point, something of a branching evolution or a regional variation (pokemon joke!) of a preexisting collaborative work (that I contributed directly, admittedly) makes it all the murkier!

That said, if anyone reading this wants to make more traditional fan content you’ve got my blessing! Just no weightloss content, this is Fatties Eating Fatties for a reason.

@TheBalam I’ll look at the prison thing, it’s probably fixed in the current dev build but can’t hurt to check. As for the key thing, I think you just might be really unlucky if I’m understanding what you’re referring to. It’s the little dungeon in Phase 1, correct?

@rockinandrew12345 Yes. I’ll probably make them attainable in the back half of Phase 3, if not then the final Phase 4 for sure.

I hope this, uh, helps? Sorry for the silence and the delay, I’m basically working with numbers and trying to balance things, and I’m historically bad at that.


Honestly take as much time as u need tbh. I’d prefer it to take an extra month or 2 then for it to be rushed :+1:


Just take your time dude, art needs time to be nurtured to flourish anyway.

Okay so I found a glitch, it’s when Jamies best friend asks if you can get her an expa key for the lunch room but if you eat Jamie before her best friend gives you the quest your entire party will level up and she just sits there doing nothing and when you walk into another area and walk back in it’ll restart the whole thing in which you can infinitely level up and the quest never completes itself. (sorry if my grammar sucks lol)

How do you recruit Agent Skein?

Is there a recruiting guide somewhere?

who do you need help with recruiting?

agent skein and the prisoner

Agent Skein is super easy. First, sacrifice someone from your squad at expat. Then, go up to the agent, near the apartment building. There, she will drink it. After this, you will go on a wild goose chase for a bit. Then fight a police officer, then you can recruit her.

For the prisoner, just make sure you have a mayoral pardon. Then, go up to the prison, and talk with her outside the prison. Then, enter the prison. Give her the mayoral pardon, then recruit her.


I was thinking of starting a new playthrough but was wondering if it would be better to wait for the next update. Otherwise keep up the good work :+1:

just use rpg make save editor to make the run 100x faster and easier.

can you explain me how to do this?

At the moment , i’ve enjoyed most of the game, but i feel that is quite easy to get lost and some parts are quite brutal without a good party. And i think that i unfortunately i got softlock because i rejected both Gain and the cult and went to the Expa Building to talk with Penny (the girl that is with Expa that talks to you after fighting both Gain and cult members, right?, or am i stupid?) But she doesn’t gave any quest or anything else. Also, talking to Bella’s Cousin causes to lose Bella until you pay her, but even after i payed back the “debt”, Bella can’t join my party back, saying that i’m full with my party (I have Rumia, Jamie, Ming and Charity, and also the Teacher , the Expa scientist and the Cowgirl generics.) I know i’m missing something because Priya and Sheila can’t also join me but i don’t know why. And i completely missed a whole area in the 1st phase, so i think i’ll have to restart.

Like i said earlier, some parts are quite hard and some characters are way too usefull (like Rumia with her Burps and Bella being the tank) to be changed for another member. But overall i have enjoyed so far the game.