Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

I was wondering the same thing, having only Rumia for that role is what keeps me from adding Rachel to the party. I can always grab another top heavy party member down the road, but only Rumia can belch like a jet engine lmao


Well, at least we all love Rumia

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence. I keep putting off the important annoying stuff (enemy stats) to add less essential stuff (like a half-assed whodunnit murder mystery quest). I really wanted the next build to be out by now. But it’s coming… “soon”.

Anyway, in honor of it being 8/8(ish) here’s a pic you may or may not see in your playthrough!

Thanks for waiting, I know it’s been frustrating.


Don’t worry, it’s been well worth the wait

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Take your time! It will be worth the wait UwU

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Woah, those are serious bandonkers

Amazing stuff. Can’t wait til the next build is out.


perfection takes time


Takes time for a masterpiece


I’m just gonna put my two cents here…perfection doesn’t exist, at least in an objective way. So trying to achieve something like that will be a waste of time and effort, the developer should focus on adding more content and polishing it to the point that it becomes good enough for them. Different people have different parameters to judge something, but I think that was obvious


Yo, do you guys know about chatbot AI’s?

If so, what are your thoughts if the NPCs or playable characters from the game “Fatties Eating Fatties!” Were Incorporated and made into chatbot AI’s on
beta. Character.ai, would that be something any of you guys would find interesting?

Just asking out of curiosity to know what your thoughts would be on that subject matter.


Based. We’ll weight.


well hell yeah, I mean why wouldn’t I be interested

I thought as much, considering if the npcs, enemy npcs, including the playable characters were made into chatbot AI’s they would certainly be drawing a lot of attention from fans from the game to talk to.


yep I totally agree with u, since this game has lots of fans and it’s my fav, yeah fucking agree with u.

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Oh also, idk if it’s a bug or something, but if you return to Cell Block E Floor 2 after getting out and trapping the Bulshinkas with the gate,They repeat the same dialogue that they said when you first trapped them and then your character automatically walks down directly to a wall and the game gets stuck, like they won’t respond to any movement command at all and the pause menu won’t come up, so completely stuck and you have to exit the game. not really game breaking as not much reason to go back there but I saw that I could so I wanted to know if there was anything extra in there that I might have missed, also btw when do the gain agents drop the key to those cells in the underground/sewer base,camp,etc? I know it’s a random drop but I cleared the dungeon 3 times and none of those times did anyone drop any key. Gain agents outside of the sewer camp seemingly won’t drop any, too.

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hello, i am trying to make an ia chatbot about this game in this program (link) that allows nsfw,
and I wanted to know how to extract the images from the game and if you are interested in giving feedback

…guys, can you at least pretend to give a shit about these projects? You should ask permission to use the characters from the game creators. Sure, they might not be copyrighted, but people will find out immediately


If you guys think about it, creating chatbots based on this games characters is a good way to help the devs get free legal advertisement to help promote their game.

I agree with the other guy, you got to ask the game developers permission first before doing something like that.

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