Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

Gain bunker or cult bunker?

i’m doing Expa so it’s like, a combined bunker?

Oh nice to see this project still going

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Is there not a 4th one yet? orr

You should have specific Quests based on your companions

Bugs I’ve found (upto phase 2):
Donuts have no effect
Polly’s quest is able to be done before level 30 allowing you to recruit her while she stays in BBB
Annette and Polly sometimes swap their picture with Gwen in dialogue scenes
Not taking the quest from the cultist that asks you to join their cause immeadiatly places a duplicate of them outside your building that cannot be talked to
entering and leaving buildings in phase 1 (0?) causes the line at the burger stand to refill even if the vendor has been eaten

In chapter 2, the Residents Wanted quest entry never seems to appear. Also in chapter 2, if you have Jamie in the party, you can keep delivering the key to Carmen to get multiple levels by leaving and rentering the room. If there’s q quest entry for her quest it never seems to appear.

In the Chapter 3 Possible Recruit quest after delivering Grace to Rachel in the penthouse, Grace/Rachel’s stomach contractions don’t end after leaving the room.

You can enter the back room of the bus stop in chapter 3 before getting the recovery footage quest. I dunno if it’s a bug, but during that quest when Ming attacks you only encounter a couple of random unfed, which is puzzling


where to find Rachel after the office?
and are you able to recruit here again?

Phase 2 Carmen isn’t a bug, it’s a blessing

Receiving this bug. I think its when Phoebe levels up somewhere around lvl 20.

Edit: I think when Rachel is performing her duties and the party levels up, it still tries to act as if she is in the party. This is what is causing the game to crash.

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If Maria is in charge Polly’s quest can be redone over and over again idk if you can with Gwen but with Maria it’s a bug

If you don’t recruit Ming the people who she ate come back during phase 2

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anyone have any clue where i am supposed to find Rachel in act 3? looked through the whole map and i cannot for the life of me figure out where she is supposed to be.

trying to figure out all the new quest locations that are supposed to be in act 3

Bug: When at your apartment in Act 2, I cannot access my followers. This is despite me completing the first quest. Now I cannot remove the followers crashing my game, nor upgrade/interact with them.

did you pay the rent money for the penthouse? your party member’s won’t show up due to charity staying there and thus scaring them away

to pay for the penthouse go to the building office and talk to the lady at the desk

Bug found when you help rumia if you finish it you can’t exit the area after helping there is no way to get out of the area and acts like we still in the mission having the blue circle still there

Edit:donut doesn’t work for anything

I did that since I also thought of that, but the followers still did not appear. Also talking to the Landlord is out of the question because that would level the ENTIRE party, incuding the Crash Craven Chicken. I am concerned if I will reach a softlock at this rate lol.

weird, and you obviously spoke to charity in the penthouse?

do you have a save from prior or from before you got the chicken girl?

I never recruited her so I never had this bug, but I think she could be the cause if she’s already causing other problems

Fortunately I do, but it always hurts to rewind time. If I do have a save from before progressing to act 2, I could CONSUME THE CONFOUNDED CHICKEN before it locks me out.

Edit: because when a glutton joins your party it inspires the group, that levels the chicken. I think recruiting Rachel and the Chicken girl at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

Another weird bug is when Shielda uses the BB moves… it changes to Rey…? The FBI person

I found a little exclamation point in Uptown Downtown City that doesn’t seem to do anything when interacted with.


spot does nothing

After you complete four tasks for the Cult and report to the cult leader, looking at the “Rooting Out the Enemy” quest in your log causes the game to crash with the following message:


Dunno if it happens with the other factions- haven’t gotten to them yet.