Fatties of Fable

It is I, Lord DEEZ, and I have come to share with you all my first release of the Fable: Anniversary Edition mod I have been working on.

Behold, Fatties of Fable!

Fixed the Dropbox Link on 12/3/2022!

Hopefully the link and everything works, this mod is something of a pet project of mine comprising of some truly fattening edits to many of Fable’s wonderful ladies. Expect everything from farmer’s wives to nymphs, and even the Grey family.

To install it, simply find the “WellingtonGame” folder wherever your F:AE is installed and copy paste the one in the mod over it.

Important - Make sure you have the Modding Tools DLC installed and have opened up the Editor at least once, otherwise no mods will show up.

As for uninstalling, well I highly recommend you make a backup of the “StaticMeshUPK”, “SkeletonMeshAnimUPK”, and “OrganizedForCooking” folders in case you have the audacity to regret installing this mod.

I look forward to any criticisms and suggestions, as I know there are certain meshes I could rework to look better. Though some are just ridiculously hard to work with in general, and I am but a novice in the ways of Blender.

Update: 10/2/2021 8:04 PM

  • Turned Exotic Dancer into Belly Dancer, for all of you belly lovers out there.

Any screenshots to see what we’re getting?

Ah, of course. I apologize for that oversight. Here is a taste of what you might experience.


As a huge fan of Fable, this mod comes as a total surprise. Thank you for making it! I’m excited to give it a try as soon as I can


Guess you had a field day with this Peter Molyneux classic’s remake. It’s too bad my Windows 8.1 laptop isn’t powerful enough and gaming laptops are very, very exorbitant these days.


It doesn’t seem to work. I copied the files from your mod into the wellington folder like you said but nothing’s changed. Am I missing a step?

That’s odd, I’m going to take a look and see if I made a mistake somewhere immediately.

You are very welcome! If I missed something or there is a specific lady you wanted to see sized up, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I just updated the mod to include the files from the StaticMeshAnimUPK folder, and I also tested it myself by downloading a fresh install of the game and then installing the mod. I was able to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall the mod successfully, so I am assuming it should work now. Nevertheless, I would implore you to try it for yourself and let me know if it is working now.

Ok well I didn’t have the fable modding thing downloaded off the steam page. I don’t know if I needed it but I still didn’t get it to work launching modded game and the normal one. I verified the integrity of cache nothin was missing, and I’ve put the mod files in a few times, still nothing. Are there any steps I’m missing? Do I need to turn on mods when I launch the game modded? I’m new to modding Fable so I could be missing anything.

Yoooo nice! This is awesome!

Throw in the bone morphs from this mod and follow this tutorial to replace your hero mesh with a female one (I think lady grey’s ghost sister was the one I went for) and you can fatten up your (now female) hero, too!

I remember fucking around with the herofat bone morphs so much to make different body types. It was wicked cool but pretty tough. Hats off to you for making ones for all these characters!

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Have you opened up the Editor at least once before? For some reason no mods apply even if you launch the game modded if the editor hasn’t been opened up before, at least in my experience. Beyond that, I’m not sure what else could be going wrong since it’s working perfectly fine on my end after testing it on a fresh install again.

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Ah, that would actually be really cool up until you start getting called “Farmboy”, haha.

Yep that fixed it thanks dude!

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I almost forgot!

@jcjonesacp76 , the mod is ready and available for you to try. I knew there was someone that was excited to see it and just now remembered it was you!

So I was playing the mod, and so far things are pretty solid overall. However is it possible to have an alternative Lady Grey? She just looks too uncanny at the current size

Ah, woe is me! And I was so proud of how Lady Grey turned out. Well, I was going for a “Richest and Fattest woman in Bowerstone” look for her so she is the biggest girl in the mod. When it comes to an alternative for her, what is it that you would like to see?

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I totally understand what you were going for. I just have a different preference is all. I would prefer somthing a bit more scaled back, especially with the face fat because Fable Anniversary graphics are already a bit uncanny. So perhaps a more moderate double chin and chubby face? And as for her figure I’m having a hard time trying to describe what I’d have in mind, so I’ll just leave a reference. And of course I don’t want to complain too much. What you’ve accomplished already is a miracle!

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Worry not, for I, Lord of DEEZ, will attempt to recreate your preference into a personalized edit for Lady Grey!

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Wow that’s just above and beyond man! Thank you!!