fatty clicker game?

i’m really bad at actually making games, because i mean, i’m really bad at art and it’s impossible to make a good fatty game without art, right?

so i come with a simple idea. a fatty clicker/idle game. instead of say, cookies or points, you click for calories or pounds (starting off like, 0.01 pounds or something at the start, or maybe calories that when you get enough (like 3000) it adds to the pounds counter) and alongside the pounds, you have a player character that slowly gets softer

the player character would maybe be kind of customization, being able to make them male, female, or androgynous and being able to change simple features such as hair, hair colour, and maybe even body shape

eventually you could get upgrades that make everything happen automatically. maybe the first upgrade being floating hands (like in all of those deviantart pieces) slowly feeding the character (like an animation) and going up to maybe actual people feeding them, to tube feeding, to a full blown factory with a conveyor belt dropping food into their mouth or something

i honestly think this would be a cool idea and, even though i can’t really draw, i honestly might just make it myself

tell me what you think : )


Sounds cute, but will they eventually become planetary once the calorie count inevitably reach massive numbers?


well, probably. there’d obviously be a limit at some point to how big they could get but i can see planet sized being a thing.

If you want to make try art even without skill I could recommend trying to take one of the templates that there are (like the RPG maker ones) and redraw them in other formats like from pixel art to vectors or normal images to pixel art.

Someone did do such a concept for a Halloween jam a bit ago with stock images. Without the writing has to be more descriptive.

For this to work best we’d need some kind of dynamic graphics system, not just some stock images.Of course we’d need somebody who’s experienced with that kind of thing. Honestly I’m amazed it hasn’t been done before.

Oh, maybe the thing we are clicking for is calories? that’ll keep things slow at the start.

I think the reason why a clicker game hasn’t been done is because of how much art has to be made and how boring the game part would be to make.

the appeal with clicker games seems to be watching numbers go up into infinity so you would need to make art that goes so high that the player gets satisfied before meeting a hard cap (I don’t think the progress reset mechanic would work in this type of clicker). drawing something that goes from normal sized to planetary size and beyond, and also making the transition smooth would take forever. 3D models would probably suit something like this better because of the smooth transition between shape keys but it would still a lot of work.

I can’t speak for anybody else but the process of making the clicker part of the game seems super boring. most of what it would just be balancing numbers without “real” gameplay attached to it. so why make that when you can basically make anything else and find it more interesting?

Ortiel, the fellah who made cookie clicker also created a tool that lets you make your own clicker style games. Idle Game Maker

The infrastructure is there and In some ways it does the math for you. It may or may not be possible to transfer this to another engine for the same result. Though this is only speculation from me because I don’t actually know how to program or make games.

there is no problem making it a pure text based. I have played many games that have zero to little art. just make sure if its text based your add descriptions and such for it.

honestly because i have no skill in anything any clickers are really easy to make in most engines haha

If you have something concrete i’m up for trying to make some art for you to get it off the ground

oh yo fr? i was gonna make the game but just kind of threw off the idea for lack of art
might start it up again tho

Send me a DM on discord of what you have in mind, same name and i’ll see what i can do for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but for a clicker game?

Damn that sounds insane. I’d play the shit out of that. I’m pretty good at drawing females if you need help with that just tell me what you need and I’ll get it done :slight_smile:

I’ve attempted a clicker game before called Super Generic Basic Clicker where I tried making my own without much knowledge about it prior. So I can help a bit and share code if you’d like (though I made this in Java, but should be legible). Just DM me if interested in my attempt :3


I actually do remember a clicker-type game involving weight gain for iOS and Android called Feed the Fat where you choose either a boy or girl (later updates let you choose animals like a pig, but they’re locked behind a paywall) and repeatedly tap the screen to have the character on screen eat and increase their calorie meter until they gain a unit of weight, with 15 units of weight gained leading to a bonus minigame that allows the player to score extra in-game currency to spend on foods to boost the number of calories consumed. As the player got fatter, they would cover the rain of food behind them, and after completely filling the background where the food rain happens, cracks begin to form on the game screen which have no effect on the smartphone itself. Sure, there are ads that can be completely bypassed with a purchase similar to the animal characters, but overall, the game is actually the only known clicker-related game I’ve played so far.

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