Fatty demons/monsters/etc. inspiration

I’ve been wracking my brain on doing searches into creatures of certain cultures or religions to determine anything associated with weight gain, fatness, and other kink related aspects for possible inspiration or original concept.
Sadly it is just mainly the same thing over and over, with Beelzebub being the top one on the subject while another being called the Nebutori being the other good candidate. I’ll admit my attempt to search isn’t the most thorough thanks to repeated searches bring up gods and goddess with feederism relation (which isn’t bad, just I need something a bit more possibly “grounded”).
I’m hoping that maybe having this out here if anyone knows a potential god or goddess, demon or spirit, monsters and anything else to sort of compile it here for anyone looking for ideas.


you could look to the wendigo and fenrir, also hati and skoll not to mention apophis
though note these creatures have less to do with fat than they do with the act of eating taken to tremendous extremes
there is also adephagia a minor and mostly forgotten goddes of the greco roman eras


If i were you i’d try insects. Somehow they’ve become my main way of creating creatures that cause WG.
If you want examples check this: Rivalanti. Based on a true species of spiders that live in the rainforest, they cooperate to build a trap, but compete for who gets to eat prey first.


I always fantasize about all the freshly sexualized fast food mascots being somewhat of succubi driven to fatten up people.
Then, there is the ol “My body is big, my cuddle partner needs to be bigger” for monster girls.

The satyr from the potato elf manga is also just about the best, to the point where she inspired me to do some captions. I mean, her food is literally YOU eating too much AND she can hypnotize you to become hungrier.

  • In Irish folklore, there’s a thing called féar gortach (“hungry grass”) which is…well, grass. It’s planted by fairies and cursed by a fairy of famine. If you step on it, you’re cursed with insatiable hunger for the rest of your life.
  • Medieval bestiaries sometimes noted a creature called a hydros, a snake whose bite caused the victim to swell up. Ox poop is the only cure.
  • In Japanese folklore, tanuki (a kind of wild dog) would become magical shapeshifters if they lived for centuries, as with some other animals. Tanuki tsuki refers to being possessed by a tanuki, which causes intense hunger and overeating. The victim gets fat and eventually dies from malnutrition, while the tanuki gets all the nutrition. Other yokai can possess people to a similar effect, like the osaki.
  • The Umi Nyobo is a yokai that, in one story, displays an extreme appetite, eating a shitton of fish (and a human baby) in one sitting before contemplating eating a man. They’re basically fish people.
  • Many religions practiced animal and even human sacrifice, and in some cases (i.e. the Aztecs), this was framed as providing food for the gods. More sacrifices would provide more food, in theory. There’s even a scene in the Bible where the cult of the Semitic god Baal insists that he eats all the food they offer him, although it’s later revealed that the priests were eating it all.
  • There’s a shitton of monsters in folklore that eat people and/or animals, or have other noteworthy diets. You could rethink one of these myths to incorporate wg. We remember Oedipus mostly for…y’know…but his run-in with the Sphinx is also pretty famous. She was a monster who demanded travelers solve a riddle to enter Thebes. If they answered wrong, she ate them. (You could reframe this as demanding food.) Oedipus was the first person to get the right answer, and she killed herself in frustration, although one can imagine her being too fat to fly away by that point were there enough travelers to exploit.
  • Lots of animals in polar biomes build up fat reserves for warmth. You could just set something in a cold environment and say the native populace evolved to cope with obesity for temperature regulation.
  • Bees make honey from their puke, but honeypot ants take it to the next level: an entire caste of ants fills their abdomen with an energy-rich syrup which other ants can use as food.

Beelzebub is the demon of gluttony

Most amazons/greek goddesses were known to have a fuller physique

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Dont forget schlaraffenland, a german story (I think) about a country surrounded by walls of solid but very edible cake. Inside, food literally feeds itself to you until you are too fat to move.

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The Gulon is a beast that will engorge itself on its kills, if it becomes full it will squeeze itself between a pair of trees to help push its meal through itself before returning to its feast.

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A Futakuchi from japan folklore, is a parasitic demon or an overall demon with a normal mouth on the face but a monster mouth on the back.
This creature have a supernatural gluttony.

It inspired the character Filia on the game Skullgirls:

This demon is really a WG fetishism fuel.