Fatty Fight (on android)

Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nosixfive.chaos
It’s a Match-3 duel game but with a twist: all matches won’t disappear till your turn is over. So you can stack matches together.

The main detail is that every hero there is rotund af. Unfortunately, there’re only 10 of them, considering that you need to use 4 in a battle, it’s very little, there’s no diversity. But these characters, that game have, have fire names, such as McFoxy, Cakeshot or Doompie.

In a battle you have to use only one hero of each color. Unlocking them goes through collecting trophies.

Also I have to point out how good they made a timer for player’s turn. At first, it goes slow, but after every move it resets and runs faster. So it’s forgiving if you were distracted but it’s really balanced as well.

The main reason I did this post Its because the game is just released and it’s very empty. I’m already at the fifth arena and I met an only one human (bot’s nicknames show starts with a symbol like this ⮃ ). I want to see how this game will grow, and this game needs more people for that.

This game has good music, animation and art style. Please check it out, if you can.


I started playing I’m almost at the final arena It’s suspiciously fast to find an opponent


I almost at the final arena as well, and I met only Tom.

Hey, I also play Fatty Fight, but I am still on the Pirate Ship Arena. Hope to face you on the battlefield.


I think there is something wrong with the game I’m at the amount of points needed to reach the final level but it’s still at 99 percent load screen


Fuck, I thought only I had that issue.
They updated the game, but the issue is still here.

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People who didn’t reached the last arena yet, Is this still playable?

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I can confirm it’s still playable before the last arena although sadly I know others who can’t access the game anymore since they ranked up to the final arena hopefully they fix this I’m extremely close to getting to the final arena though

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I’m now at the final arena the game doesn’t work now sadly

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The game just updated. Now it’s playable for skillful players. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

this game needs more characters. and mcfoxy is my favorite


Did you already asked creators about that?

This game came to the app store & I have had fun with it. I wish there were more than 3 female characters though.