Fatty furry game test.

I feel completely bored and no good mood. I want to try something new and exciting. Like fat furries in an exciting story. Well, a long story maybe. Like enjoying with lots of food or some curse enjoying fat body.

Since by the looks of it you’re looking for an RPG maker game with fat furries in it I would recommend you try this. Even though it’s not finished and there are a few issues with it, I bet you’ll have a fun time with this. Even if there’s vore, I can say there’s not much in it.

I have already try it and I don’t know how long have waited in the next update. Maybe 2 years? But thanks anyway.

Have you tried these games?


Tribal hunter

(Sorry there is only 2 links. I saw your post and wanted to help. But new useres can only send up to 2 links. :stuck_out_tongue:
Search up the other names on furaffinity and you should get results. ^^)


the-curse-of-something: tested

Growth RPG: tested

Demoneater: not tested

FOXXX: not tested

vial-of-infinity: tested

Tribal hunter: I’m a credit in early access.

Some games some already tested and some games that are not tested.

Thanks for the tip.

Try looking for textadventures games on furaffinity.

Where can I find the Demoneater game? I cannot find a game under that name using search. That name is extremely ‘Collodion’ prone. I’d need unique identifiers, like how boundless is too generic, you to search for boundless leupai.

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Hoy again.

I forgor to tell you about soft fantasies by ziul.

I have been hoarding a bunch of games on my pc. I will look through them if you are still interested in some weight gaining games that has furries. :3

Anyone played vial of infinity? is it any good? has anything come out in regards to it since the demo 4 years ago? that’s all I found when googling.

Yeah, I’m play that game demo in 3 years ago.