Fatty Shmup Game

I decided to start making a Shoot-em-up fatty game, since I havent seen it done yet. It’s a really early version so there’s not much to it, but I’d love your feedback on it so far.

I know this would hardly count as an update at all, but I fixed some things, rebalanced it so it’s playable (even if there’s no end), and adjusted a few sprites. Next thing I’ll work on is more enemy types, more damage types, and re-doing the artwork so it’s better (I might even add more stages to the enemies and players)

alright, I don’t know if it’s something with my computer, but the character just moves to the corner

That’s the second time I heard that, are you running it in full screen, or is it just doing that no matter what

For me, running it windowed makes the character run all the way to the right, stuck there except brief moments that flicking my mouse get them to almost ‘jump’ away.

Fullscreening it with alt+enter does the same, except all the way to the left instead.

I believe the cause is the fact that on some systems, your range for the mouse to move is not centered with our monitors, and thus means we constantly trigger the movement in those directions.

If you cannot see a solution to that, perhaps simply creating an option to control with the arrow keys, or WASD, would fix the issue.

Thanks, it really helps to hear possible causes as well. This is my first game using mouse controls, so I knew that it might not work at all. Unfortunately, wasd controls are probably how I’m going to fix it, but thank you!

Decent enough proof of concept. Cautiously optimistic that it’ll become a good game. I’ve played a lot of shmups lately, mainly Touhou, so this has been on my mind for a while now.

Thanks, glad to hear. I hope I live up to your expectations, if you have any ideas you want to throw out, I’d be glad to hear them!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates, I’ve kind of hit a wall in the programming where I’m not sure how to get the waves for enemies to spawn correctly and track so levels can finish. If anyone would like to help me I’d appreciate the support, but if everyone thinks this died I understand

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While I have no idea how to program anything, I’m still hopeful in this game turning out well.:slight_smile: