Fatty Text Adventure Toolkit (FTAT)



Do you think you can fix that issue?


Um, why can’t I play as a female?

That’s a bit weird.


I see the problem, it’s on my list and will be fixed in the next update.


Okay, also could you add Foxes and color pink? :3


Yes I can ^^
It’s added to the list for the next update.


Cool, can’t wait to play the game, tell me when it’s updated. X3


It’s the entire website. If my adblocker is on, the entire screen is that offwhite greyish color you use as the background of most of it. It doesn’t matter which screen I’m on.


Hmmm… interesting… what kind of adblocker are you using? I could look around in the settings of wordpress but I think your adblocker doesn’t like my wordpress installation? Do you have other plugins like NoScript?


Using an adblocker with some extra filter lists, I had the same problem. For me, disabling cosmetic filtering worked. They were blocking something called ##.hide-social.


??? I use the same adblocker but I don’t have that problem ???



This was mine.


Oh. Have you tried out Adblock Plus instead?


I haven’t had enough issues with basic AdBlock to warrant looking, no. Though back in the days when I unironically used Internet Explorer (due to my bottom of the barrel laptop running its low overhead costs better) I used AB+ there.


I really like how this is looking so far. UI is clean and simple, map is fairly well laid out. Most of what is missing is all the text! That and how you can really tell the caves are still in alpha stages and need some work. Hope this game gets some more attention one day


Thanks for the feedback! ^^

Everything is in early stage and the UI layout is my main project right now so it’s good to know that you like it!

Tons of QOL and UI Features are missing to make it a more pleasent experience over all. If that is working my main worktime is shifting to content. I don’t know when this is happening but I try to invest some freetime in this project when I can.


Hey! Just wanted to chip in and say this is looking pretty neat so far. The toolkit approach is neat, and I’ll be super excited once people start writing descriptions and content stuff. One thing that would make things play a lot more smoothly for me would be some kind of connections between ‘rooms’ on the map showing which way the player can go. As is, once I’m in the dungeon it’s sort of a blind stumble to figure out which rooms connect.


Thx for the comment!

That’s allready on the list and is a QOL Feature. You are not the first person requesting that. :smiley:
I know about that and I’m going to implement it, sooner or later. I don’t know when, but it’s high up on my to-do list for the game.


I think there should be measurements for several body parts in the Status screen, not just belly; breast and butt measurements would be great at least. Also, the status screen says that my character is male even though I chose female.


Additionel measurements is a good feature request and it’s added to my list. Thanks for that good idea!

I also know about the “male only” bug but it’s not yet fixed. I’m still working on the shop system. Maybe I’ll finish this first, fix the bug and release a new version.


I’m gonna suggest myself a fox race. Frankly, it’s a crime that nobody has suggested a fox race before.