This is a game that’s not meant to compete with SolitaryScribbles’ Chub Chomp Chill game, but I had this idea for a 2D pixelated game that allows you to choose the gender of a human character, as well as their clothes. The game first takes place in the character’s house (which depends on the gender), followed by their neighborhood, then the city they live in, then a nondescript country that the character lives in, then the just as nondescript planet they live on (which seemingly resembles Earth with different-shaped continents), then finally the depths of space and eventually a white void outside the universe. The game, hence its name, takes more direct inspiration from Tamagotchi. Not only can you feed your character, but you can also turn out the light when they’re asleep, play a belly-rubbing minigame to make them happy, get their laundry cleaned when the hamper is full, give them medicine when they’re sick, give them comfort food when they’re feeling down, and check their stats. Unlike Tamagotchi, characters don’t die, but they do “evolve” in the fact that they reach several different sizes (skinny, chubby, plump, fat, obese, morbidly obese, immobile, house-sized, town-sized, city-sized, planet-sized, galaxy-sized, universal, and colossal blob). The art style is evocative of 2D games released on systems like the SNES, TurboGrafx-16, Genesis/Mega Drive, Neo Geo, Saturn, and so on. There’s also a wide variety of foods like submarine sandwiches, drums of lard, french fries, tubs of ice cream, cakes (different flavors in either slices or whole cakes), pies (different flavors in either slices or whole pies), pizzas (different toppings in either slices or whole pizzas), burgers (different varieties like cheeseburgers and monster burgers), sloppy joes, Japanese foods like rice balls and sushi, and more. The food variety will be greater than that of CCC’s, and there’ll also be plenty of clothes for the characters, some of which reference various 16- and 32-bit games from the '80s, '90s and 2000s. Plus, similar to CCC’s Happiness Points, there’s money that’s received every in-game minute (the equivalent of a real-world second), and there’s even a few toggles for those who like what said toggles do. There’s even a pause menu that can be accessed via the ESC key.

TL;DR: This game is an idea of mine inspired by SolitaryScribbles’ game, and is not meant to compete with it in any way. That, and a disclaimer at the beginning will not only warn of the fetishes involved (the biggest, literally, being weight gain), but will tell you that it’s not meant to compete with his game.


Pretty cool vision.
Checkout Debu Complex : a tamagotchi-like game - 28/08/22 | Time to touch grass (version 0.7.0) as its a more to ground but similar idea to yours.

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This would be so goood!!! I hope this project doesn’t disband or get left out, I really wanna try it out