Favorite animal crossing character, and or character you'd like to gain weight?

My favorite characters are Tom Nook, Pascal, Fauna, Flo, Lottie, Resetti, and Isabelle. The characters I’d like to see gain weight would be Tom Nook, and Resetti.


I like Frita, the fast-food sheep, she has a fun design. She is burger, fries and also hotdog. That said I don’t really want any character gain weight in particular. I just enjoy them as they are.

I’m simple so all my faves are also who I’d wanna see fat. So Wolfgang, Marshall and Beau would are some that come to mind. I got alot of other misc favs but I didn’t wanna go on for too long.

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Crap I forgot Kicks. Kicks is so cute i love him

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Margie and Pekoe are my main two girls that I want to see gain, but there’s a lot more Margie art than Pekoe the cub needs more art of her done.

Freya is pretty cool, there’s little art but some is really good

probably done to death but isabelle

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All glory to puppy waifu!

ah shit i forgot julian.
he ain’t one of my faves but he’s the perfect kinda guy i’d like to see fat

So do you have the New Horizons game as well? I have it and I’m still kinda upset that Resetti and Dom don’t have in game appearances yet I just hope that they’ll make an appearance on groundhog day and maybe get the inflatable Resetti item from new leaf as well

Bones. Bones is, unarguably my favorite character, and I felt a part of me die after finding out there was no fat art of him.

Here is a picture of him, in case you don’t feel like looking him up.


Ok, so there is actually one piece of art I found, but, personally, it’s a 6.5/10 (no offense to the artist, just not a huge fan of that style.)

Well that’s something I come across quite frequently tbh

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