Favorite Artist

There are plenty of artists out there but who’s your favorite?

Mine is Smandraws and sindorman


Duo Radon is pretty neat. Unfortunately, they recently made a post about being terribly burnt out on doing art… so I assume we won’t see much from them anytime soon.

Other than that Cettus and Bodbloat are pretty neat! The second guy is truly masterful in shading.

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Eggo21 on furaffinity is pretty good if you don’t mind furry stuff.

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Probably Toroboro (the artist formerly know as prin- er, I mean, Foxfire486), Pixiveo, and Miramiraclerun.

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dont think about it much but i guess boot (@BootFromTv on twitter) and saltypantz would be my favorites at the moment
other ones I’m real into that come to mind are Zaphod, Silverfang725, and Gjesp
all furry artists though because thats what i was feeling right now

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Magicstraw and Trinity-Fate are a bit hit and miss for me but I’d say they’ve made the most drawings that I like. Shame Magistraw doesn’t draw a lot anymore these days, I’ve been thinking about commissioning him. Better With Salt is also good.


Pixiveo, Miramiraclerun, @Cakecatboy, Better-with-Salt, Metalforever, and @MysteryDad are my favorites.

EDIT: Somehow I also forgot to include Kipteitei in my list.


kipkipteitei,better-with-salt,pixveo and weightcomic

There are a lot of wonderful fetishist artists, I would want to quote like; axof, studiofa, Zelda308, theamericandream, destructiveOrgy, Ray-Norr, the-murdellicious, kawaiidebu, theJiggly, idacknowledged, magmaman, theKoudelka, KipTeiTei, AloysiusEroticArt, Idle-Minded, antioxidated, Trinity-Fate, Kastemel, PiritaArgenta, xmasterdavid, metalforever, SatsumaLord, Belt-Buster, pixiveo, kraban, digitaladiposity, kurokaze-s, Better-with-Salt, MyFetishSituation, cakecatboy, miramiraclerun, Jeetdoh, Hypnagogum, Bamboo-Ale, bredy, prettynchubby, jayKuma, PaddyWhacMacDaddy, MagicStraw, ExtraBaggageClaim, Tight-Fit, ShubiJubi, FERERO-KUN, pewbutt, momomommm, fishflavored, kafeikafe, Tonbelly, Narcysses, TakoYasi, Jaykuma, shysho-Fats, darthvujin123, ITAOHS, devart320, RubiWanJinn, NewMetrack, Phormosa, LordAltros and bonusart.

But if I must choose only the one above the top I would say:
Art & Comics / 3D / 3rd-Art | StufferDB - The database of Stuffers & Gainers

His work is incredible, weight gain animation perfect, and an entertaining story, I would definitely buy for a movie made by him. And I am a rat, that is for say. :rat:
Unfortunately no news from him since many years.

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Please don’t attack me for bringing this one up, but BlimpMermaid91 is my fave.

Personally, i’d probably go for Choc-end and/or Modnaryug, not because of furry, i like them because it keeps cartoonish.