Favorite Body Part?

So, I was playing though on a new character, and it was my first ‘resistant’ character- and I had a thought! What if there were an option in character creation that allows for a character to have a preference for a body part, and have it flavor interactions!

A great example is the succubus. A character who loves breasts could get a little extra bothered by her bust, whereas a character who loves a big belly would notice more of her midsection!

Of course, this is something that would require more writing effort to do, but I think it’d be cool.

I’m not sure I want any more customization added to the character creation. It’s to the point where I’m making several versions of every paragraph and things are becoming harder to release without neglecting any one character attribute. So for the sake of reducing the time between patches I’m holding off on adding any more character customization for now.