Favorite Fat Characters in Games?

What are your favorite fat characters in games?

I just started playing Dark Souls II and the first enemy is really cute. There is also a very similar enemy/character in Guilty Gear 2: Overture called Charlotte. I think that there is another fat character in Guilty Gear I forgot and there are probably a lot in Dark Souls II that I have not seen yet.

There is a Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn character called Meg, and she is really awesome. There is also Mei from Overwatch who is really awesome. Then there is Ellie from Borderlands who is pretty great, too. (I haven’t played any of those three games, but I have looked into the characters a little bit.)

Also, Bob from Tekken 6 is really cool in my opinion. He is also attractive and most definitely fat (like all of the characters I listed).

By the way, I think fighting against tough fat characters is basically its own fetish for me. I am making a game with fat enemies and having them require a lot of attacks to defeat makes them 100% sexier (and my art is already really satisfying to me).

Edit: Oliver from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance was another character I really liked. Although he was a bad person for seeing people as collectibles/objects, that is also something that gives him a lot of character. He also specializes in collecting beautiful people/creatures (since there are half-human transformers in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) which includes obtaining what is essentially an angel. I think he managed to add a lot of depth in the game by showing a personal character in a game about war (although the game itself is probably also the most detailed story I have played). Based on his body, I would say that he is just as beautiful-looking as the creatures he collects, which is sadly ironic. He also uses light magic, lives in an estate that is deep within nature and basically has my name. Based on my plans in the future, someone will probably make a comparison between this character and myself in the future, despite personalities being completely different.

I’m not sure if this character is exactly ‘fat’ be he is large. ‘Shocklord’ from LISA: The Painful. He’s one of a small handful of enjoyable characters, mostly because everyone else is selfish, insane, evil, or misguided. Shocklord finds you as a friend, and regardless of what you do, he still tries to find the best in you.

Also, there are a lot of the pudgy, round, or just simply fat monsters in the Dragon Quest games.

I may be a Nintendo fanatic by heart, but my favorite character has to be Princess Plump (who’s actually a Sony character).

Mei isn’t really fat… she just has a thick jacket… there’s some good fanart of her though…

The only one in recent memory is Hammer from Fable II. She is strong and slothful (she spends literal years at a pub waiting for the player character to return from an event).

I have to say Hammer is one of my fav’s too. Of course the other plus about Fable II is that you can stand in the square, eat pies, and be cheered on by the residents as you get bigger yourself.

Ellie from Borderlands 2.
Not only is she ABSURDLY obese but in the first scene with her she crushes a car with the driver still inside it.

Oddly enough she’s Mad Moxxie’s daughter. Which is funny since Moxxie is a slender fanservice character.