Favorite female Pokémon Trainer

So I’ve never seen or known of any Rom hack of any other female character other than May from Pokemon ruby and sapphire and it got me wondering which female Pokemon trainer would be the most popular here personally I love Cynthia the most mainly because of the anime and my favorite non main character npc is Liz from heart gold and soul silver

Mostly just going by design, but Skyla, Elesa and Drasna are personal faves.

Undoubtedly Hilda from B&W.

DAWN! ahem Rosa and Gloria and great too! From the Elite four… Caitlin!
As for gym leaders/trial captains… well several, a couple a don’t think I’m allow to say(and a couple I KNOW I’m not allowed to say(though I should mention this “list” is a favorites list in general, not specifically for lewding(but it’s nice :wink:)))… as for the one’s I know I can… Skyla, Valerie, Mallow, and Mina.

Skyla, Elesa, Sabrina and Sonia

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Chanpion Cynthia is one of my favorites in general but I also like Hilda’s design as well as Courtney’s personality. I also like the milf energy Melony gives off.

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My sister’s name is Sabrina and me and my brother have a thing where we show her cards that say Sabrina’s Pokemon and we say look it’s your pokemon and Elesa is one of my favorite gym leaders my favorite elite four member would have to be Karen she’s the only elite four member I can identify just by her shadow and her quote just makes her even better

Misty, since I’ve stuck with her throughout the first five seasons of the anime.