Favorite kinds of Transformation content?

Probably a common one, but I’m a big fan of male-to-female gender transformation. It’s even better when it’s paired with other changes, including weight gain (obviously), expansion, inflation, or pregnancy.

I also enjoy seeing humans transform into non-humans (anthros, monsters, creatures, etc.).

On the flip side, I’m not a fan of inanimate/object TFs, age progression, or mental TFs. Regarding the last one, I like it best when the TF victim retains their mind, personality and memories, but now has to contend with their physical changes.

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pig and cow, with udders


@BlakLite I get you, I want to handle mental tfs in a way that feels like, “leaning into a desire” rather than an erasure of character or anything of that like. Also in regards to gender TF, i defs want to have more of that in my game, im just gauging how to do it well. I’m trans femme myself and know, unfortunately a lot of material processing gender is, uh, lacking in quality and care to say the least.

@Cat a curiosity, pig or cow udders? because i guess both could be possible. Cow would be typical and my next update will include such, but pigs have them too, they just are smaller and more numerous running the milk line. Is that something folk want to see? a line of milk teats? ~


My favorite type of tf content is weight swap, i.e. swapping the weights from one person to another, either by swapping lifestyles or by magic.

I don’t know if this counts, but I also like non-consentual weight loss/transfer. Normally people are happy to lose weight, and i like seeing the reverse of that.


Slime. Dragon. Does Muscle Gain count?

do you plan to do much more of the common monstergirl types? (lamia, harpy, arachne, mermaid, etc)
and if so, do you plan on adding WG of them too? (aka fat snek/fish)

My favorite kinds of transformation content are those that delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters’ metamorphosis. It’s not just about the physical changes but also the internal struggles, personal growth, and acceptance that come with it. These stories have the power to resonate deeply and provoke introspection.

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