Favorite kinds of Transformation content?

Just putting out some feelers to see what kind of transformations folk like to see. Things to keep in my notes as I work on my game. It already has stuff like weight gain, body proportion changes, breast expansion etc, but in my next update I will be introducing a transformation system focused more on like, mutations and such. It’ll start off with classic stuff like cow tfs, pig, etc

but yeah, like, what are you into, what kind of transformations would you want to see/read in a game?
Are folk here even all that into transformations outside of weight-gain and expansion?


slime can be fun. You can weigh as much as you want if you don’t use your legs to move around


I’m certainly a fan of slimes ~
A slime tf would be like, slowly getting more pear shaped as your mass migrates down from gravity, getting softer, doughier, eventually getting more translucent and wet. hmm :spiral_notepad: :writing_hand:


Personally I’m into them, though I don’t think it’s that common here. I’d say it’s really down to the lore of your world which seems well established, but I’m guessing things demonic wouldn’t be out of place.

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I don’t like TFs. End of story.


Not sure it counts as TF but personality swap.

For example, a character becoming an evil/rage/more dominant version of themselves, or some light bimbofication.

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Blueberry and cow.
That is all


bees. (20 character requirement filler)


In terms of physical changes, outside of conventional gaining I like the classic monster TFs - slime, werewolves, vampire, etc. or monstrous versions of anthro characters - but beyond that maybe just macro? I’m not super into mutiboobs, udders, hyper or more exotic mutations.

In terms of personality changes, whilst bimbofication is right out for me, I do enjoy seeing unwilling or newbie feedees developing that gainer mindset. Within a narrative I liken it to a three-act arc:

  1. The unwilling (though curious or obliging) novice
  2. The transition from unwilling to willing
  3. The accomplished/seasoned gainer

Where a gainer begins to own who they’ve become and enjoys what they do and eating/food in general, that’s a sweet spot for me.


I’m a much bigger personality transformation fan than I am things like blueberry because I like my gaining to be both human and realistic. Lots of potential personality changes (bimbofication, becoming a slob, etc.).

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OK first off I have to say that I love the blueberrification TF that you’ve implemented already. Especially the fact that it gradually raises your gluttony, so a new character accidentally swallowing a blueberry can inadvertently kick off the start of their descent into hedonism~

But on the topic of new TFs, I would love to see demons happen, as well as like… fat slime? Blob? IDK what you’d call it, but Boundless had this thing called a ‘blubberslime’ where you were basically a slime made of fat. I would love to see that made available to a character who absorbs enough of those blobby dudes in the caldera.

Another one I’d really like to see is mpreg/male breeder TF, where a male character ends up being able to bear children or lay eggs, without incurring extensive feminization (e.g. big hips, big breasts, loss of penis, etc.) Possible setups could be anal preg, a seahorse situation where the character has a vagina but still produces sperm and has to be impregnated by a woman’s eggs, or even a character who has functional ‘female’ reproductive anatomy but still overwhelmingly presents as male.


Is there a way to reply to multiple people? lol, I’ll just say to the posts above talking about personality transformation, big yes, I love that too and its something I want to develop in some of my characters too. It’ll be tricky. I’m especially fond of things like, shy foodie to proud feedee shifts, or tough punk to soft & domesticated kind of stuff
bimbo/himbo/thembo is also fun ~

As to DreadRoach’s post:
I’m glad you liked the blueberry stuff! It was my way of testing scenes being triggered by status effects, which is now how I’m building up my transformation system.

Demon tfs are defs in the plans, going to start of with simple stuff, but like the long goal is really getting into like “embracing your gluttony/sins” kind of demon tfs, going hog. We’ll see. It’ll be fun to write ~

and oh yes! I remember the blubberslime thing in boundless. I was planning on making the caldera blobs a mutagen thing. Haven’t exactly decided if they’re going to be just slime tf triggers or if I’ll be leaning more into my bodyhorror blobby fun interests. either way. On the list ~

As for mpreg, defs a planned option. When the pregnancy system is implemented they’ll basically be two core ways it can work. The types that require a womb and those that dont. Some of the characters will be egg laying and can incubate in a player character without a uterus. TFs oriented around becoming egglaying creatures could be applicable either way, like if the player doesn’t want a uterus but does want egg laying content it’ll defs be an option

Also of note, The game treats bodies, pronouns and presentation as separate factors. If you want to play as a trans man, you can just by having male pronouns and picking whatever parts you want. The characters in game will treat the player as a man (or woman or nonbinary based on pronoun choice regardless of sex characteristics)

The next update is also adding facial hair options and facial presentation (feminine, androgynous, masculine) etc

so, yeah, in short, regardless of if you’re playing a cis woman, a trans woman, a trans man, a cis man or whatever you like, some form of pregnancy and egg laying will be available ~


I would Definitely love more inflation/blueberry content. Maybe with the blueberry you can stop it partway through to stay partially filled instead of “bursting”.

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Yeah! I’m a big fan of a sloshy kind of “waterlogged” half way point. I was thinking that maybe repeated blueberry events would cause a kind of build up and changes in the player, making them more perma-berry

Could also do a kind of temporary half way point if the player uses like, a smaller dose or something, hmm.

I’ll add it to the list ~


Exactly my thoughts, would love to see it in the game if at all possible.

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From what ive found not necessarily arousing but interesting is some story that lean into various edible tfs

It’d be fascinating to see how the protagonist deal with various edible tfs from indulging in a certain something too much mayhaps to the point of losing traces of previous form due to stable over inflation

Another is inflation its uber variant(always fascinating to see how air or other ‘fillings’ like water and juice find the various nooks and crannies of the body and fill them, even entirely subsuming them into a divot then practically inverting and leaving little to no trace) and certain inanimate tfs admittedly
Especially like that in the tales of louisbakerwriting(found on amazon and deviantart) and BoilerRoom(deviantart), Literature and descriptions be my cup of tea in comparison to images

Though willing weightgain and pampering someone else is another, also strongfat where they yave muscle under the plush

The only true turnoff so to speak is bursting and of course forced gain(as in well and truly forced not simply forcefeeding, but causing one to gain against their will via one underhanded manner or another that removes choice from them)

Due apologies for the rant be on a hard trip
Edit hard trip being travel not drugs, must’ve been really tired when I wrote this, So many damned spelling errors

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Separate from my little rant
Ever considered marshmallow/candy tf or uber inflation

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