Favorite WG stories you've seen that would make a good game or VN?

Personally, I’ve really liked Baking Class and The Pageant by ChubbaDubDub
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But there was also an author I really liked on Wattpad who had their account deleted. The stories I remember were one about a mutual gain in candyland, a REALLY horny one about aliens fattening people up in a human zoo that I think involved some milking stuff somewhere, and the last one I think was called “Fat Class” where simply a Health class, well, does the opposite of its job.

If the author just moved platform or something, please comment about it, but back on topic, if you have any good stories that would be cool as a game or virtual novel, please link and/or talk about it for me! Let’s get a discussion going!

Whatever the case, you would need permission from the author’s to create a medium based off their works.

That said, I, too, have read Baking Class and thought it was a cute story! I’ve read a few stories but I do not think any that I have read would be good for translating into a VN or IF (if choices are incorporated).

Something like lair of the lipomancer, but open world and filled with fattening traps and other circumstances. Either you make it, or you get stuck in the gates to the lair or something.

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Though more inflation than WG, PlasticExtreme’s The Bar series.