Favourite wg/inflation/vore/etc. game?

I have been on this site for a few months and I am interested what are your favourite fetish games?

Twisted Elysium, while never completed or even ever half-done, is an incredible piece of fetish fuel

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Games I’m keeping an eye on currently (not an exhaustive list by any means):

Feed The Crown
The Weighting Game
The Big Fat Vore RPG
Some Bullshit
Growth RPG

Also shout-outs to Chief!, Fetish Master and noone’s Fatty Text Adventure RPG as well as krishonk’s dragon version.


Some Bullshit, to me, is the king of this type of game.
Selenabellyplay’s stuff, while rough around the edges, is still quite good. It even made me like 3d art, which I usually don’t.
Seeds of Destiny is about as good a pregnancy game you’re gonna get unless you wanna grind through Hazumi.
And one released just recently, Nine Months with Ellie is a charmingly cute little game that goes through each month of a quite lazy girl’s pregnancy. Also has a secret ending where a bunch of goblins come out and double the amount of babies. Fun.

To end it off, I agree with what was said about Tainted Elysium. Such a promising game with many creative forms of expansion and the elusive white whale that is bursting in one of these games. Such a shame it was never even half finished.

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Tainted Elysium was a good start, but there just wasn’t nearly enough to it to call it a “game” and I wish something had been done with the code instead of disappearing into the wind.
The only real good thing in the game is the body shape mechanics and the outline, but that was definitely very stellar.

Anyway, favorite games, hmmm…

  1. Nimin is good as another unfinished toy, and it has plenty of embiggening stuff in it, though some of it can be a bit questionable, such as getting a secret-ish scene where you can be unbirthed by a girl who’s probably somewhere between 8-10 years old. The game overall is quite good, but very janky, and the only mods for it double down on the underaged content.
  2. Lilith’s Throne, uh, objectively there’s a lot of content, but the dev is basically a headless chicken scampering around the code wildly as it seems they didn’t really plan anything ahead and aren’t too sure what to do. Pretty sure the game’s code is long past spaghetti now, too. Anyway, there’s a freakish amount of character customization.
  3. Noone’s WG RPG. There’s all kinds of stuffing, WG, vore, unbirth, etc., but the dev’s long gone. Still plenty to do, and the code is so pitifully simple that you can actually use a Flash game save editor to mod stuff in. I modded in a bike pump once, and I’m definitely not a coder. Downside to the game: a lot of feral stuff, unfortunately; thankfully there’s not too many pictures, heh. Pretty sure the only reason there were anthros in the game at all is due to some obligation NOT to make a fully-feral game, as literally everything the dev drew before and after making the game is just animals.
  4. [insert most of the WGaming games here]
  5. Some Bullshit. I hate RPG Maker games, but this one is just great. It’s also one of the few fetish games I’ve seen where the actual gameplay is solid enough on its own, AND the humor is actually funny.
  6. Honorable mention to [GAME] Pancake Machine by AmigaSnowcat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Honestly though, a lot of great games were canceled/buried by the death of Flash, so thinking of other stuff is pretty hard for me right now. Or it’s my lack of sleep, ha.