FC Pregmod Wgmod Update (Jun 2023)

Hi, everyone. A while ago I made a kind of successor to the old fc wgmod but never released it. Randomly I decided to grab the latest version of the pregmod and do what can only be described as some kind of frankenstein organ transplant to create this. Currently it has a toggle for the mod, the glutton quirk as an alternative to fitness (semi random when softening, weighted towards glutton), a mobility gene therapy that also keeps slaves from dying, yknow, if you want that, and some limited flavor. Its pretty barebones but if the only thing keeping you from enjoying FC was the fact that there was no way to really embrace fatness here ya go. Lemme know if theres any bugs or weird text errors or anything. I’ll try to actually keep this one semi-updated.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the file
  2. Extract it somewhere
  3. Run “compile.bat”
  4. Open the generated html file in the bin folder

EDIT: so, to avoid any potential confusion confusion, i have nothing to do with the other wgmods that are out there like Dingotush’s old mod and the more recent one. additionally, i’m adding a link to the main branch so people can investigate that if they have any questions about the base game itself.


This mod sounds cool, but what does FC stand for/what game is this for?


Free Cities. Its a City/Slave management game.

does this have character art involved? Or is it just the raw update?

So this update only adds the two things you listed above?
No higher weight limit, descriptiions, or gaining option?

just the raw update. still gotta download the vector art and all that from the original source.


yes, it only contains the things I listed. changing the max weight is a lot more time consuming, but maybe I’ll add in in the future when I inevitably have to update this again

Is this a standalone mod for pregmod, or is it going to be an independent fork?

I can’t seem to soften the Gluttonous trait into Glutton. It always ends up becoming fitness. Is there a way to specifically choose Glutton?

have u enabled the wg mod in the options menu?

i’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but i guess closer to standalone mod?

Yes, and I do have a girl with the trait but she spawned with it.

Apologies, I wrote that like, 20 mins after getting out of bed.

What I mean is, there’s infrastructure in place for content to be added as a standalone mod, in the “mods” folder e.g.
Which would, in theory, make it easier to keep this alive as opposed to having a custom-patched fork of the master version of Pmod.

Alternatively, trying to get whatever your plan ends up being integrated into the master branch would ensure it’s future-proof, but would also make it more difficult to modify/develop content due to having to work around what’s being done by the other contributors.

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