Feast Manor - hand drawn point and click visual novel - OUT NOW!

Oh it worked but the circle shape was still low pitch

I’ll try to figure out why that happened, but I’m glad the code worked anyways. Hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless

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Do you know where to find the key

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The key where voodoo use to be

Welcome to weight gaming @KEVIN_NGUYEN. Below are a few hints from the developer.

@KEVIN_NGUYEN Its hidden in the basement, look in the room with the skeletons. Its very tiny.

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Thank you cupcupmug for the hint.

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How to unlock the door

@Jacob_Dorsette The code on the door needs to be completed from left to right, if it shows a shape you need to click on the knocker with the same shape. If it shows a number, you need to click on the knocker in that position.

For example: the first one is an oval, then its the second knocker (diamond)

Heres the full answer: oval, diamond, triangle, triangle, rectangle, rectangle

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How to unlock the briefcase

And the code for the IMG_1301
And the code for the briefcase, please

@Jacob_Dorsette Counting the symbols in the room will unlock the briefcase, some symbols are hidden behind food (Hint: the rug on the ground contains a symbol)

Here’s the full answer: 472

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Thanks you

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How to find this and this

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@Jacob_Dorsette The first picture (portal) is shown after you beat the game and contains a relic for an alternative ending. And unfortunately the second picture isnt loading for me, would you mind trying to resend it on here or explain to me what it is? Thanks!

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Feast Manor got a brief mention in an essay on categorizing “Adult” games on Steam:

Not all of them were backed by publishers, of course; one game called Once a Porn a Time went for a Disney fairy tale style while another called Feast Manor had the most niche kink I found during my search (feeding/stuffing).