Feast Manor - hand drawn point and click visual novel

Feast Manor is a point and click / visual novel of a girl who enters a haunted house and gets cursed to never leave. Fortunately, if she eats the right food, she’ll be able to lift the curse. She just doesn’t know where or what the food is. There are also other voluptuous girls she meets and can interact with.

Everything is hand-drawn and in 4K.


I have started a Patreon page for CupCupMug to help with the developement of my games. All earnings will help me develop bigger and better games to come, as well as a community where I can listen and contribute your ideas into the games themselves. Lowest starts at $2.99 and goes up to $9.99, with tier rewards starting at exculsive art and voting, and goes to beta versions of the games and free downloads. All of the support means the world to me and I can not thank you enough. :two_hearts:

A belly loving game developer,



I had been given a lot of feedback that the front door puzzle was complicating. So, I tweaked it up a little to make it less confusing.

  • Hitting the correct knocker makes a different sound than hitting a wrong knocker.
  • Added dialogue to Ember that explains the combination a bit better.

​I also updated the android version.

  • Fixed bug when continuing or starting a new game.

I hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless and have a great day! :two_hearts:

To install the update on Itch or Patreon, delete your existing Feast Manor files and reinstall them.


The art looks really good, I’ll be waiting for the release

@Marcelo_Bolanos Thank you! :blush:

How long do you think the game will take to be complete?

No problem, it really looks great!

I normally don’t speak on projects, but this looks promising already

@Marcelo_Bolanos All the art is finished, so now I have to code it all into a game! My hope is at the end of June, but could take longer or quicker. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Gary Thank you very much! I’m really excited about this project. It’s definitely been a bigger task than I originally thought it would be, but I hope it will turn out great and it will all be worth it! :relaxed:

This is pretty cool, another promising game to wait on the horizon

@Curves_Conniseur Thank you, I appreciate it! I hope it lives up to the excitement! :grin:

OOh nice, good luck with the code, hope it doesn’t bring you problems :ok_hand:

I really liked your other two games you have released. Will this be Patreon only or will this be released on Steam as well?

@Marcelo_Bolanos I hope so too! Not going to lie, i’m a little bit scared because this is a bigger project than i’m used to, but I know I’ll be able to do it! :yum:

@Bioshock_God Good to hear from you again and glad you enjoyed my other two games! The ‘Still Hungry’ tier (most expensive) on Patreon will get to play it early, but will be available on Itch and Steam after, like my other games :blush:

Jolly good! How much will the game be on Steam whenever it is released? I did thoroughly enjoy your other two games you made

Feast Manor will be a little bit more expensive than Fatrifice / Galactic Gluttony since I have put a lot more time and effort into it, plus it will be a longer game than the other two. But I hope it will be a fair price when I figure that out :slightly_smiling_face: but as of right now, I don’t know the exact price it will be yet.

I am excited for this to come out. I am certain that the price will be more than fair for the content provided. Will this game have a branching storyline or a set path like a book?

The Manor will be free to explore, with items to find, food to eat, and girls to talk with. So, the storyline is branched, but there are some linear elements to it like a book. It’s sort of a mix between both. Thank you for the great question! :blush:

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The Beta is available right now for my Patrons in the ‘Weight Gain Lover’ and ‘Still Hungry’ tiers! The support helps me out so much and there are exclusive rewards regularly! :two_hearts:


@TailsTunaLegend Definitely a fetish game. Sorry :woman_shrugging:t2:

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