Feature Requests: Rules

This board section is for discussing and requesting future additions, concepts and features that one would like to see added to Tainted Elysium. Due to the early nature of the game, the lighter the suggestion the more weight it’ll have in being added but I am open to hearing any ideas people want to see. As the leading force behind the game’s development I already have a very long feature and content list planned and I’d imagine most suggestions will already be something we’ll find in the game’s future. However, I’d love to see something I haven’t though of before and I still get a great kick out of assuring people that the content they’re asking for is something I’m probably already planning to bring them. :slight_smile:
(as bad as my feature creep can be)

In general, at this stage of development we’re most likely to see additions to bodily functions, transformations, character aesthetics, items and player focused content. Things like combat features, NPCs and encounters are still something that will be added as we go, but obviously their complexity means they won’t crop up quite as often.

[size=8pt][i]If you find that you have a general question or comment related to Tainted Elysium or its meta, please direct those post to the “project discussion” section: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?board=25.0

If you find that you have a specific bug, glitch or problem to report, please direct these reports to the “bug reports” section: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?board=31.0[/i][/size]

Thank you.