Features that work well in current projects

I wanted to create a topic to discuss what specific features, mechanics, gamplay, etc that you believe are good
or interesting in current projects.

Vale City:
The overall mechanics of food are interesting in this game, having use as a healing item, being the main source of experience as well as determining current strength with BP. It was a fun balance between maximizing one’s damage by keeping BP high with food while also ensuring that there is enough room to eat to heal and also attempting to level up.
Being able to immediately size up an opponent by how large they are was also well done.

The currently unamed stuffing rpg:
Coming back to old towns seldom feels like backtracking, as often times, something has changed (Usually someone getting fat). It can be disappointing to visit old areas after hours of gameplay and realize that nothing has changed so I appreciate this game alleviating that.
The bad-end viewer that lets you view all of the possible bad ends that you have passed so far is a great quality of life upgrade over having to just have saves before every possible bad-end.

Super Fatty RPG (SFRPG):
SFRPG does an excellent job of giving descriptions of what is going on, often solid paragraph descriptions of events that can vary based on current fullness. The long descriptions along with the superb art give a lot of life to the scenes.
I enjoyed that the game encourages gaining weight as it makes you stronger while also limiting your weight based on story progress. Quests felt meaningful because the reward was often increasing one’s maximum weight (which is usually my main goal in games like this).

Elfas Hambrientas:
Defeating enemies by feeding them food is an interesting mechanic which is surprisingly underutilized as far as games I’ve played go. By having a consumable like food be used constantly is a good money sink to ensure the player doesn’t make money meaningless too quickly.
(if anyone happens to know if there is an English patch of the current version please let me know, the old thread for the game died in the weight gaming crash)

The hope is that this thread can be useful for devs looking to see what works or is interesting in current projects. I realize I only talked about RPGmaker games but this thread is for any of the projects related to this website.


I quickly figured out that the weight system in Super Fatty RPG is a level up system in disguise. That was a new interesting mechanic that I liked.

I would have enjoyed the feeding mechanic in Hungry Elves/Elfas Hambrientas a lot more if not for the amount of grinding that the game mandated. Without a reliable means of maintaining my food supply, I had to spend ages grinding enemies for gems, trudging back to town to sell the gems and buy cooking ingredients, cook more food, and use up that food grinding yet more encounters.

With a bit of rebalancing and more generous combat rewards, this issue could be mitigated if not solved entirely.

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Hello and thank you for talking about my game, I will leave the link for the last update, but notice that I plan one for the end of this year. (sorry if you do not understand me, but I’m using the Goolge translator)

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Don’t worry, you are easy to understand. I really enjoy your game and I hope that you make a thread here when your update comes out.

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It’s good to see that you’re still working on this game. While I have your attention, would you be so kind as to nerf those Giant Chickens in the forest? The last time I played, their Confusion Song ability caused about half of my encounters with them to result in my entire party getting wiped out.

Yes, I have put an amulet that prevents confusion, those chickens will be deadly if one is not ready

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i wish there someone translate it…

I hate to do this but please stay on topic. This topic is starting to diverge from its original subject.

@juan_alvarez for future reference if you wish to share your game please make a new topic under projects or request to become a curated project.

Sure, and excuse my mistake.

sorry i mean the game that is in spanish i mean…

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Fetish Master:
The built in developer mode is incredibly good, allowing users to edit and create new content easily. While the game is not entirely belly/weight gain focused by default, several mods were made which add some interesting content.

While fetish content in the game was relatively sparse, I enjoyed that the game was broken down into segments and that the fetish scenes would progress at the end of each segment. For example, every time you finished a world, Carrie’s mom and the cat girl in the main inn would have new stuff.