February 2023 Income Statement

Good day everyone!

Its a new month and that means an update on our finances!

The tldr; is last month we had $966.55 in expenses and made $559.20 between our ads and patreon. This leave us at a net loss of -$407.35 for the month.

There was some good news though as we did see a few new people join the patreon and a few up their pledges for an additional $17 a month! Unfortunately, this did not last and was effectively wiped out by a decline and us loosing a few patrons at the same time. While its still early in the month we are effectively down $18.64 for this month atm.

That being said we understand that Patreon ebbs and flows and would like to thank those who are still with us and who have supported us in the past for choosing to step up to the plate and help out where you can!

If any one has any question feel free to ask below, and if you feel like supporting us please feel free to check out our patreon!