Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator

Dominant Paige path? didnt even know about that one, now im like x2 as interested in Paige then lol

The new content is great. Yuki is my favorite character for sure, but Paige is a close second and her routes are what I’m most curious to see how they progress. So, it was great to see some more content and I’m very interested in eventually seeing some more Paige and Mia stuff.

The updates to the UI being hidden in dialogue scenes, the inventory changes, and the display for money and time of day are great. Felt very smooth playing with those changes.

Looking forward to seeing the game’s continued development, keep up the good work. And looking forward to more Yuki content. :heart_eyes:

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Is it just me, or is there an uncanny resemblance between Paige and satanthiic?

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I’m stupid and I can’t find a place to meet Leilani on the map.please help. exactly the place of the date

Hello and welcome to weight gaming @Darth_Vader. Leilani has multiple dates so normally providing more information would be helpful as to what you need help with exactly. But I would guess you might of missed her path for the date(s) to begin with. Here’s a little overview of her route.

Day 1

  1. Go to the Beach between afternoon and noon and then click continue to move to the area with the towel and umbrella on day one.
  2. Talking to Leilani will lead to a date on day two as long as you choose Sure, that would be fun.

Day 2

  1. Go to the food court at noon on day two.

Day 9

  1. Leilani will text you on day nine.
  2. Choosing Tell her you’re free will lead to going to the park, and then on the mall date.
  3. Go downtown.

That’s (currently) the end of her content.


Wow, I’ve never seen this girl before. There’s a pretty strong resemblance there.

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I might have an issue (skill probably) because i can’t trigger some events, like i click every hour every place but there is nothing, have i missed some events? (my last one was the mysterious girl research on the computer) can somebody help me? Do i need to restart the game and do something different?

Welcome to weight gaming @Devastator.

Most content is based on a timeslot and day. With you needing to have met girls or interacted with them on certain days. Wanda, Leilani, and Paige all have events that are based on strict days and once you miss them that’s it. Some of the other events for girls can show up or aren’t completely miss able. Some girls also have multiple routes with varying amount of content. Day one is the most important day to interact with some girls for their content for later days.

Do you know of a particular girl or thing you are missing and need help with? And what version are you playing?

I’m playing the latest, 52.1
for Leilani the last date was at the mall
for Paige the pancake shop
for Ellie i met her at the mall
for the mukbang girl the pizza delivery

Leilani has one path currently and it ends on day 9 at the mall date.

Paige has two routes with a slight variation to both if you pick the caterer job during the character creator. But the one you mentioned is the dominant Paige path which leads to a date at the ice cream shop. Both Leilani’s date and Paige’s take place on the same day at the same time. And you can’t do both so the game has you do Leilani’s date automatically. You can either go back downtown on day 9 at noon to do Paige’s date (that is supposed to happen on day 2) or you can not meet Leilani on day one.

Paige does have another route, the submissive Paige path, which will not interfere with Leilani’s route. Which you can start by choosing to “double down” instead of ease up during day one.

By Ellie I assume you mean Wanda as Ellie has a date at her house on day 8 and that’s the end of her content that I’m aware of if the player is on the feedee path with her. But Wanda has multiple routes the one with the most content, the closet feeder path, ends with a mall date on day 9.

For Becca keep doing Pizza deliveries in the evening. Her content is not tied to specific days. It’s how you progress, Yuki and Delilah as well up to a point. Becca’s content is done once you have hit her repeatable feeding sessions. Also you can’t delver pizza’s at bob’s anymore once you’ve hit the end of her content.

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oh alright, thanks for clearing!

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