Feed The Dragon - [submitted !]

perhaps you may consider a popping option?


Congrats on getting the positive feed back on the presentation section keep up the good work

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I believe you might of misunderstood the gain jam community highlights threads. They are setup for communication, discussions, and thoughts about this years jam entries from the community (separated by different categories.)

They’re not award or winner announcements.

Ah yes I see it now. Let me make a quick edit

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Had a go at the jam version, not bad and I can see expanding the idea in future :slight_smile:

Well, I wish you did the last web build - it’s much cleaner and the ending is much more interesting :sweat:
thanks for playing tho !

I’ll post a small devlog here very soon to summarize progress I made in v0.6 as well and the few things I am still working on for 1.0.

Hello, small devlog for me here !

I feel like enough content got added to the game since the Gain-Jam version to be worth making a short summarize of what got added.
If you want to support the project, you can follow me on itch.io and twitter.

  • First version of interactive screen (unlocked upon reaching last weight stage) got added in update 0.6. Only poking interaction is available for now.

What got added over previous versions (before 0.6) :

  • Thief girl enemy got added and can be fed (increases her respawn time).
  • Dog sprite got reworked.
  • SFX got reworked overall.
  • The game received a few quality of life and balance improvements (balancing is still subject to modifications though).

Some of the things I still plan to add for 1.0 update :

  • New bat or kobold enemy (as of now bat is more likely).
  • More options on interactive screen, including belly pressing/rubs
  • At least 1 weight stage after the interactive screen (upon doing feeding interaction). This will lead to an alternate ending.
  • Dog should become a feedable enemy as well.
  • dragon attack (fire breath or bash with her arm - possibly both).
  • small parallax effect for background.
  • Rework some assets & sprites, such as : victory/defeat screens, cake shops, thief hit animation.

Great to see you’re continuing work on this. You should create a thread in the #projects tab though, these Gain Jam threads will likely be getting locked soon-ish, normally around November time if past Jams are anything to go by.

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I am planning to create a new topic for 1.0, but yeah if the category gets locked before December I’ll probably make it with an other important update of the game :+1:

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Peak. bloons if it was good.

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Simple, but very well put together game so far. Really love the protagonist, reminds me of the NES/SNES era where anything could be a hero if you made them cool enough. Can’t wait to try out future updates.