Feed The Dragon - [submitted !]

Link to the game :

(this is still an early build)

General plot idea :

you play as Cheese Boy (didn’t find any better name as of now), and must defend your small plot of land from a hungry Dragon coming to destroy your belongings and eat your family.
To appease the beast, you brought with you a secret weapon : a rocket food launcher, being able to fire immense dishes directly at the mouth of your foe. Your goal is to defend what you own with this weapon : the stomach of the beast is limited, and if she is overstuffed she won’t crave for cheese anymore.
➢ Gameplay : It’s a short 2D game where you defend your home from an invasion, like in kingdom 2 crowns. The main difference here is that you have to fight yourself rather than hiring villagers to do so, and the invasion stops once the Dragon is overstuffed.

➢ Game was made using Gdevelop as engine

Features to add for post-jam builds :
See the itch.io page.

Concept Art for the game so far : (click to expand)

improved Dragon concept art :

Cheese Boy

▻ If you want to check more of my art : https://twitter.com/BubbleBloat


Posting progress for the game !
(Main post was updated too accordingly)
Please keep in mind that anything related to game content is subject to change.

● I am still looking for help, in particular : an artist (who is either skilled at pixel art, either can do game animation/sprites in digital art).
▻ I am also totally open to any dev or game designer who would like to help. If a dev wants to use a different engine than Gdevelopp I am ok with that, but they would have to do most of the programming.

Current game name : Feed The Dragon - the revolt of Cheese Boy
(subject to change)

Plot of the game (click to expand)

● Plot : you play as Cheese Boy (didn’t find any better name as of now), and must defend your small plot of land from a cheese-hungry Dragon coming to destroy your belongings and eat your family.
To appease the beast, you brought with you a secret weapon : a rocket food launcher, being able to fire immense dishes directly at the mouth of your foe.

Mockup (I’ll likely improve it later, the background colors don’t match very well)

Mockup version without the ugly background (may be more readable to some people)

▬ Concept art :
Malika, the big bad hungry dragon :

Stuffing stages (there will likely be more in the final game) :

Cheese Boy, the Hero of our story :
Cheese Boy


New progress report !

  • I started making pixel art assets for the game, and I am currently working on the dragon animations - which is extremely time consuming (especially since I have very little experience in it).

  • Someone proposed to help for some assets on the game, but any additional help for character animation and pixel art would still be very welcome !!

  • At the current progress rate, it is very unsure whether the project will be complete on deadline. I may still post it as it is (with WIP features and assets) but don’t necessarily get too hyped on this. However, I will probably keep working on it after the game jam to polish features and add new content (will depend on how popular it gets).

Detailed progress report : (click to expand)

Animations done so far :

  • Golem walking animation
  • Cheese boy jumping and walking animations WIP
  • Dragon walking animation early WIP

Animations & sprites to do :

  • Dragon gnome/gulp food
  • Dragon tail animation (hard to do)
  • Dragon weight stages
  • golem attack
  • cheese boi melee attack
  • Dragon fire breath
  • (optional) dragon melee stomp
  • portal animation and polish
  • food crating stand
  • Victory and defeat screen artworks

Features to add :

  • projectile bounce on guts (not easy to do, but would be nice to have)
  • buying food ammo with golem loot (magic powder)
  • the stomach gauge fills up when Dragon eats projectiles
  • House goes boom when dragon reaches it (golems do very little damage)
  • tiny crafting system from magic powder loot into food
  • very small Dialogue system
  • Can jump on the dragon guts like a bouncy platform once big enough

What had started as a team request has turned into a submission thread as well so I’ve moved it back to the main board.

The project does look promising so if anyone is able to pitch in to lend a hand for Bubble2, please do!


I just uploaded a Gain Jam build here :

This is still a very early Build of a project under development !
Feel free to report bugs here or in the comments (there are probably still a lot, I am improving everything as of now for post-jam builds).

Also this project took a lot of work, so please follow me on itch.io to support it and be informed of future updates !
(donations are of course very welcome as well :heart: )

Things I didn’t have time to add (but will do after the jam) :

  • Belly physics
  • Interaction screen with the dragon at the end
  • 2 or 3 more enemies you can feed
  • Dragon Attack
  • defensive stuctures
  • Soundtrack
  • Defeat screen
  • Dragon dialogues (portraits are ready but didn’t get time to implement it)

I plan to make the level larger and game longer overall (it is still a very short experience as of now, around 5 mins… :confused: )

If the project is successful enough, expect a chapter 2 with more enemies and gameplay features.


Sorry that you didn’t get more help, but this was a pretty good game. It was a little short but it was also fun too.


im very interested in future development

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This is awesome! I’ve always been a fan of this type of gameplay!


encountered a bug where the dragon resets and clips through the bullets.

Does it happen on each playthrough ?
If not, can you give more details about what caused it ?
(you can send a note/dm as well to not spam this thread if you want)

yes, it happened after about 3 playthroughs of it and 2 of 3 ended up with her headless so the bullets wouldn’t hit the dragon.

This version should be fixed - and the victory screen easier to trigger
(I updated the link on itch.io as well, but I’ll leave the downloadable jam version as is)
gd.games game build

It happend after I fed the dragon fully, and then left her off screen

I liked the game, but it’s a pity that it’s short)


thanks for the feedback !
I am currently working on the game and will certainly release a much longer version with 2 more enemies very soon (probably tomorrow ?)
About the bug, were you playing the latest version ? (I already updated the link on itch-io a few time since release, so the bug was likely fixed since then. The downloadable Jam version is outdated, but I’ll upload a post-jam downloadable version very soon)

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I didn’t notice the update, but thanks.

I can’t believe you were gonna hold back from showing this! The sprite work is wonderful! I loved seeing the dragon’s expression change to concern as you continually fed her. The little gulping sound effect was perfect.

Honestly I didn’t see any bugs or glaring issues. Absolutely solid game that I’m happy to see continuing.


Pretty good game. Really nice art and good gameplay. Had a couple ideas for later updates if you want

Upgrades for player: more ammo capacity, more range on sword, and faster movement would definetly be big boons

Ammo types: fun mechanic for you, diffrent ammo types for diffrent effects.
Angel cake, stuns for less, but flies faster
Devil cake, more “damage”, costs more
Icecream cake, slows down the dragon for a while after eating

Diffrent dragon types: how abot some more types of dragons, each being a seperate stage. I could see a flying dragon thats harder to hit, and a hydra that’s reaistant to stuns(but not imune) as plssible fun additions


very nice, simple mechanics and great art, I’d like to see updates for this

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I’m looking forward to next updates.


This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played and honestly the most enjoyable game in this year game jam