Feed Tubby, ancient apple game

a lately i keep coming back to this OLD old applestore game by eBattalion, about flicking pastries at a lil guy and fattening him up. It was SUPER CUTE but the app’s been discontinued and I can’t find a download link anywhere. Any odds anyone has a method for getting it again?

All I’ve really got to go off of is an old TouchArcade link and an old tweet!




Being such a older iPhone only game it’s very unlikely it can’t be played now, unless you own an older iPhone and have an iCloud account that owns the game. Seems like it’s not archived either. It’s unfortunate, seems really cute indeed!

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kinda sad there is no APK of this

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It’s a bit of a long shot, but it might be somewhere in here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/wtcvgn/ive_archived_16000_old_apple_apps_from_20082012/?rdt=58732

holy shit this is NUTS thank you for sharing! if i get around to scraping this I’ll post about it. thank you!!!

I looked around, but only found a couple other games they made in the archive (and other similar ones). However, I did find this: Downloading Removed Apps.md · GitHub

They describe how to download an app you bought that is no longer in available for download from the appstore. If your apple account still is around andd you had bought the game before, you may be able to retrieve it. This guy seems to have downloaded two of their games this last December with this method. Good luck!

oh!! this is good info… thank you! I’ll peek around and see if I have any luck!