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This topic is for any feedback and discussion around running ads on the forums

Since I have a scriptblocker and dont think I can exclude scripts from locations on specific websites only, it seems I cannot see the ads.

That is fine, nothing is wrong with using an ad blocker if you wish. The ads are just to help supplement our income after all.

Thats the thing, I disabled adblocker specifically to support you, but I cannot bring myself to let adsense in anywhere else.

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No worries, we appreciate the thought! Do what is best for you in the end. If you cant seem to just exclude one site feel free to keep it on.

Personally, I like how you’re currently handling ads. Their size and positioning keeps them feeling unobtrusive, and I’ve only seen static images so far.

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Im happy to hear that. Since we where just looking at supplementing income we wanted to be careful not to go ad crazy so we have tried to make them as reasonable as possible.

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