Feedee or feeder? (Or some other thing)

I get a general vibe that most people on here are or want to be feeder’s, but since I have no technical truth, I can’t actually just say that everyone here is a feeder.

So, believe, it or not, but I’m starting another topic with ANOTHER POLL!!! #original

Anywho, jokes and shit aside, here is the poll:

Feedee, feeder, etc.
  • I am a feeder
  • I am a feedee
  • I’d be down for whatever my partner wants to do
  • A mix of both
  • Neither, I like to keep this only as a fantasy

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When you vote, you can see the percentages, and this poll will be held open until 2/18/2021.

With that said, stay safe (or live like Larry I guess) and have a swell day! ;D


Oh yeah, as a clarification, a feedee is someone gaining weight, a feeder is someone feeding someone to gain weight.

I’m certain you all knew this, but for those who didn’t, their you go.

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Shame there’s no category for someone who’s just an FA but not into Feederism


Sorry I’m an egg, but what does FA mean in this context? (tried to look it up, just gave me a list of phrases that use the letters F and A.)

It stands for Fat Admirer.


Ah, I actually thought that the “fantasy” option was gonna cover that, as in, just something you like to dream about kind of deal, but I should have added that, yeah. Thank you for the clarification!

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I am like a chameleon of my partner’s fantasy and kinks, I adapt.

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Okie dokie doo! Voting times are up!

Unlike most of my polls, I don’t have a truckload of things I want to say, just a few little things here and there.

Honestly, the thing that took me by the biggest surprise, is the fact that “I am a feedee” got 3rd place, not gonna lie, I thought this would be dead last. I personally figured that most everyone here was a feeder, and had no interest in becoming a chonker, but, that’s what this poll was for. Now, I also was taken by surprise on how many people chose feeder instead of feedee, after I clarified the difference between the two, because, originally, feedee was on top. Either all the feedees voted first, or they didn’t know the difference, I dunno.

That, uh, that’s about it. I do want to say, however, thank you for those who participated, as it helped me confirm (well, not CONFIRM, but like, it gave me a general idea) what the users of this website’s goals are (mostly). With that said, I hope everyone here has a swell day! ;D

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