Feedee Paradise mod v.1.4.10 (01-11-19)

Hey! I’ve enjoyed playing FM for a while and thought I’d make a mod that makes things easier. If you’re looking for a somewhat quicker gameplay that’s also more focused on weight gain, this mod adds that. It also builds on the Dohavocom & Juxtaterrestrial mod (Myre quest).

Important add-ons

-More clues to complete Vicky’s quests.
-Vicky’s 3rd quest, which gives you a calorie-enriched version of Myre’s cheesecake.
-More fast-travel options.
-Images for Vicky and Myre have been changed / Images for Anna and Belanika have been added.
-Edited descriptions of Myre’s weight gain.
-Added pasta bowl to pizzeria and a chance to find it inside conference room 2.
-More items and WG related tasks (digest-up II, more overeating options and feeding stripping from base to get money based on weight).
-New character: Bernarda. And a storyline to get DigestUp! and DigestUp! II (to begin it, bring her a copy of Lila’s Gain Adventures book)
-Kiana’s quest (cow-girl with purple hair) remains impossible to complete, as in the original.

Vicky's Walktrough

In order to get recipes for Vicky you’ll need to:

  1. check your library
  2. go to the Fetish Cafe with a lactating proxy, 50+ Intelligence, and 20 bottles of milk
  3. Visit Myre once your relationship with her is developed and ask about her cheesecake recipe. (You can feed it to her once Vicky gives you her version.)
How to obtain parts

To obtain old parts and/or corpis computer parts, you need to visit the Lost City’s ruins and explore around the green area. After that, you can send your proxy to retrieve parts in the task bar.

You can download the very old v.1.2 here. Gameplay’s faster, because you get a crazy amount of money from camming. But plenty of changes are not included.

And the more complete v.1.4.10 here. This version gives you 1000 coins (proxy’s pocket) to start with after visiting David S. Rif. You can invest that in Digest-up (once unlocked at the item shop) and Overeating to improve the camming pay.

Please update it if you don’t have the latest version. Just copy/paste the gamedata content in the games gamedata file.

Info about the proposed expansion of the mod (now on indefinite hiatus) can be found here.

Image disclaimer

Do consider that every image was meant to be a placeholder one until I managed to commission some original artwork for the mod. This also implies that images for the Dohavocom/Justaterrestrial characters and others might be removed in the future by request of the original modders or artists that created them in the first place.


Only played it for a little bit, but great so far

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What’s the passcode for this?

Which version of fmaster should be used? The git version or version 0.985?

  1. I built it over 0.985d, so pasting over that version should work.
  2. I’m assuming the password is the same for the original file: fmaster.

If there’s something else that doesn’t work, let me know.

I like the changes you made, they really help lower the grind for gaining weight in Dohavocom’s mod. The pictures for Myre and Vicky also help visualize the weight gain. Do you have any plans to continue developing the mod?

I’m thinking about it. I’m planning to release a 1.3 version soon with some slight additions, though. :slight_smile:

I’ll seriously consider investing more time to expanding it if responses are good for the upcoming update(s) and if I can justify the time I invest in it rather than coding for other projects lol. So, hopefully, yes.


When I open this, it asks me for a passcode to extract. What is it?

So apparently Peazip does this. I installed WinRar and didn’t have this problem.


OK. I’ve added one last update (so far). Hope you guys enjoy it!

I’ll create a new post if I decide to develop this further. Though, keep me updated with any feedback or bug reports. I’ll see what I can do.

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I wanted to ask if I did something wrong because I can’t seem to get vickys second quest, the first one with the recipe from the libary is finished but she never asks for a second time for my help and also how do i get the eatnstrip from what i saw in the image files in hot lips?

also what did you add for stuffing-session camming? for now i found feeding streaming did i miss some?

and last question for now (sry for all the questions) i saw in the images dr. felis with bigger breasts, how do I trigger that?

i like your changes from what i saw till now^^
the only thing i change maybe will be the pictures for myre back to the old ones but for now i like the lovely xahjah ^^

Is this playable on Android if It is can i get a link? If not then can you make it playable for android?

Glad to hear that you are enjoying it! To answer some of your questions:

  1. Vicky doesn’t give you a hint or asks about the second recipe, but there’s a rumor around town about the Fetish Cafe’s eclairs. SPOILERS AHEAD. AVOID IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER THE RECIPE ON YOUR OWN
Second quest Walkthrough

Just go there with a 50+ INT character who’s lactating (preferably after Dr. Felis 2nd quest) and 20 bottles of milk.

  1. Feeding streaming is saved as the “eatnstrip” file. I based that on regular stripping at hot lips, so that’s why the image’s there, but it usually appears at the base, with the rest of the journal images. It becomes available in the base as soon as your proxy has a belly fetish.

  2. Regarding Felix, I suppose her image changes after you complete all 3 missions. I have no idea, since I didn’t tamper with any of her questline’s code hehe.

  3. I’m drafting the details for a future version, and I’ll be glad to include the old Myre sprite in that one. I’m thinking about putting a cake shop with Xahjah at the crossroads, so there’s both a belly expansion and a full-body expansion storyline.

Hope that was helpful!

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I didn’t create the original engine, so, sorry: I don’t know if it would work for Android in any way.

thank you for the reply, now I need to figure out how to get my proxy smarter if needed but first I must see how to get these 20 bottles, will ask again if I am stuck again^^

I looked again in the files and the eatnstrip I also didn’t find till now was in the folder tasks

ok, i am stuck again, managed to go up to 14 bottles, but used up all of my pills for lactating, is there a way to get these pills again ?, the only way I saw right now is too do all these quests with another proxy again :confused:

also for information: dr. feels doesn’t change the portrait if you managed to finish all 3 quests she only tells you you should come back later, maybe she has something for you, I also finished quest line for beeline up to where I repaired the machine, got the scanner as a thanks from her and she told me that her ex turned into a minotaur and that he searches for the village
i trained a proxy physically but now every time I try to find the cow girl at seafront or at the shop she doesn’t show up, can you encounter her only 2 times per proxy?

also i am short before feeding Myre, I’m looking forward to the changes you did there^^

Is this playable on android If not can it be made playable for android?

it shouldn´t be playable without any extra tools and i am not sure if there are tools which can port it for that, i know rpg maker games are possible but i would say this one shouldn´t be

To be of help:

  1. You can also bring normal milk for the eclair quest. Just buy it at the shop near the rural town entrance.

  2. UPDATED: Kiana’s quest (the cowgirl) appears to have been left incomplete by the original developer. So little to no idea what the storyline was.

This mod has been really good so far. Has actually brought me back to playing Fetish Master for a bit. Looking forward to future developments especially with additions to content that’s been kind of left alone for a while now. Been nice to see more added to them!

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