Feedee Paradise mod v.1.4.10 (01-11-19)

What controls when Myre actually puts the second cheescake recipe in her shop and set the cheesecake recipe flag?

At the moment, 2 things: that your relationship with Myre is advanced and that you’ve given the cream éclair recipe to Vicky.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying it!!

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I do it for the first time, but I do not know what I can save money.

Cool! Whats in the new update?

The 1.4.8 update only includes some spelling checks and other minor additions/corrections.

The 2.0 version was set to include more: Feedee Paradise mod - Development & Concept (Indeterminate hiatus)

(UPDATE: Now development is on an indefinite hiatus)

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This looks interesting; I’ll have to give it a look sometime soon.

I can’t really call it a requirement, but I’d discourage releasing mods with full gamedata folders; it’d be best for compatibility with other mods and newer (or older) versions of the game if you limited the packaged files to only the ones you’ve added or modified. Otherwise, you’re bloating the download size and asking people to overwrite files (some that might’ve been modified by other mods, or come from a different release of the game) essentially for no reason.

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Thank you for the advice. I must say you’re right: however, this mod’s compatibility is very low to start with (especially given that I’ve edited plenty of files that would be erased or erase similar versions when copy-pasting).

It was designed to be its own thing (though building on the Dovohacom and juxtaterrestrial mod).

Seems like a silly question, but how do you start the game? I have downloaded it, extracted everything with WinRAR and am faced with a column of folders labelled things like DNA, Save etc. No sign of an application to run. Must be something I’m doing wrong.


File is “startup.exe” in the game’s main folder.

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can the game be changed from .rar to .exe? i cant open rar so i hope its possible

how do you use the mod with the game

I believe you copy the gamedata folder of the mod into that of the game

ah thanks an also i want to have a slime race character but i dont how to obtain it

hey a dumb qustion what race are their and how do you obtain them

Humans, cow people, and cat people. I think Maternal Read’s mod has goblins as well. They appear in the agency rarely, or if you look for the proxygen mod on the forum you can choose to start as a cat person or cow person instead of a human

do have links to the mods

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Between all the mods there’s also a bunch of files for pig people that can be relatively easily fixed to work with proxygen (or would if not for the fact that proxygen seems to have some minor bugs with mods that change chargen)

It’s a shame proxygen hasn’t been iterated; it really makes the early game more interesting

ah thanks or link …