Feedeity, jam 2020 Idea I ran out of time for

well I tried, the idea I was working on took too long for me partially do to me staring halfway through the jam because I couldn’t get the other idea to work(a pikmin like game) as well as getting sick from food poisoning.

That aside, the game is kinda like mystery dungeon where you feed your deity the heavier they get the better types of sub attacks you spawn in the dungeon with, as well as other things to obtain through out the run. on defeat the items you collected will help the total amount of material needed to make dishes of different quality. as well as leveling yourself up with left over foods.

As of right now I have no art assets set up and I’m just going to tap out of the race I’ll keep working on it because for the most part the code is done and I just need to put everything together but I’ll do it at a base that doesn’t kill me. I should get it together in a few weeks for the lot of you to play but until then I’ll just enjoy the entries that managed to make it.

Also for those wondering the last game I made for the previous jam ClubFeede, I kinda just grew bored of it but that was do to my own in experience but I feel I can salvage and put together a better version of the current build that I had together, after I take care of this project as well as something else I’ve been working on in secret I’ll get back to that using everything that I’ve learned to make it into a sold game.

Ps.( if any one wants to make something out of the pikmin Idea that I made just contact me and I can offer the code to you, maybe a different set of eyes can get it to work in a better way than I can I’m not a coder I’m just an artist)


A shame, but it’s alright, your health is more important. I look forward to this when it comes out, I love mystery dungeon games!

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