Feeder Monsters - A weight gain trading card game

I had this idea since about a year, but this time I finally could get my hands on it properly, after remaking card designs and planning the rules and decks, I feel that I could finally talk about it, here’s a card sample, it’s like a boss eater card but it’s just to show you guys how does the cards looks like:

As for the rules, so far, here’s how you play the card game:

-There are 6 basic types of cards: Eater, Food, Magic, Monster, Enhancer, Trap

-The 1st deck is the Main Deck, made of between 20-30 cards which are Eaters, Monsters, Foods, Magics, Enhancers and Traps, with 2 extra decks, one being the Extra Eaters, containing fusion/sacrifice cards and the other being the Kitchen, containing food cards, both extra deck contains 5 cards

-The Eater cards are divided into:
M. Attack
M. Defence
Quantity of copies allowed

-The food cards are divided into:
Feedness - the quantity of how much appetite is needed to consume it and reset the timer

-The Mosters are almost the same of the eaters, althought they can’t consume food and have no Fusion or Sacrifice cards

-There is also subtypes of Eater and Monster cards, which allows them to have advantage or disadvantages against another one, which are:

Fighter >>> Beast, Dragon
Beast >>> Plant, Undead
Sorcerer >>> Fiend, Undead
Fiend >>> Fighter, Undead
Pyro >>> Plant, Glacial
Plant >>> Aquatic, Zombie
Aquatic >>> Pyro, Machine
Flying >>> Plant, Aquatic
Thunder >>> Aquatic, Glacial
Machine >>> Fighter, Plant
Dragon >>> Flying, Beast
Glacial >>> Aquatic, Pyro
Undead >>> Fighter, Beast
Divine >>> Dragon, Fiend

-The cards summoning rules follows like this
1 or none - can be summoned normally
2- requires tribute of one card on your side of the field
3- requires tribute of 2 cards on your side of the field
4- cannot be summoned normally

-The fusion eaters requires two or more respective cards on the hand or field and a card called “Merge Orbs” to create it and the sacrifice eaters needs to use a specific sacrificial card to sacrifice 3 or more cards to summon it

-When the Eater or Monster card attacks a type of card which has advantage to, the card attacking gets +200 ATK only during damage calculation

-Food cards are simillar to enhance cards, but they can only be used one per eater or turn, they have different amounts of enhance, after the end of the turn, the enhance effect worns out and they need a specific quantity of Apetite to be consumed:

Meat - Fighter, Beast, Fiend, Dragon, Flying, Aquatic, Glacial, Undead
Sweets - Sorcerer, Fiend
Veggies - Fighter, Beast, Aquatic, Flying
Liquid - Fighter, Beast, Sorcerer, Plant, Glacial
Fruit - Flying, Thunder, Fiend
Alcohol - Fighter, Sorcerer, Fiend, Pyro, Undead
Innorganic - Plant, Machine, Thunder, Pyro

-Eater cards have a countdown to stay on the field, which is represented by their appetite or APT, if they receive a food card with the same or more feed value than the APT, the countdown resets, but if it doesn’t, then after the countdown, the eater card is sent to the Doom Realm:

1 APT = 5 turns on the field
2 APT = 4 turns on the field
3 APT = 3 turns on the field
4 APT = 2 turns on the field

-Players begin with 4500 HP, in team duels, the players divide the same HP quantity

-The starting player can summon or set cards but cannot attack in the 1st turn

-The field has 6 slots, 3 for each kind of card, Eaters/Monsters occupies the front and are revealed when they’re summoned but stays face down when set until they’re attacked or fliped, Foods/Magics/Enhancers/Traps occupies the rear and are faced down until they’re activated or revealed

-Only 1 Eater/Monster can be normal summoned at the each turn, Food/Magic/Enhancer/Trap can be freely set

-The players begin with 5 cards in their hands and after each turn, they can draw only 1 more card unless their main deck is empty or if you activate a card that allows you to draw more cards

-When a player attacks, they must choose if they want to use physical attack or magical attack, which clashes with the same kind of attack or defense of the opponent. If the ATK is superior to the other ATK, the opposing card is destroyed and the opponent takes damage of the difference of the ATKs, if the card is attacked and destroyed DEF mode, the opponent won’t take damage, but if the DEF is superior to the opposing monster ATK, the opponent takes damage of the difference but his card remains unharmed

-To perform fusions or sacrifices, all the cards necessary for this must be on the field or hand for the fusion/sacrifice to work

-When there’s no Eater/Monster on the opponent’s side, you can attack directly

-To win the game, you must reduce the opponent HP to zero or if your opponent lacks cards on his main deck to draw, you automatically wins. There’s specific cards that makes you win automatically, which is the hardest way to win a match

-Disobey one of those rules and you lose the game automatically

I’m very fan of trading card games and since I’m not good at game programing, that’s the best project I can do, so have a nice day!


This is gonna be like learning Yu-Gi-Oh all over again, except the game’ll actually be about something I enjoy, so that’s nice. Can’t wait to see how this progresses!

Looks like a very interesting concept and it’s nice to have some more table top like games on this site. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

Im not very much into card games beside Heartstone but i can tell,this is a card game who i would love it.

most of the rules are exactly like Yu-Gi-Oh, but only with a few addictions

So question are their going to be cards that if say you keep their APT above the needed amount that they could change, like cards with special conditions or something like that?

I can see this going far. Best of luck to you!

maybe, it’s kind of a neat idea, I think I’ll try it out in another deck

Well you could make part of the fusion/Sacrifice deck since you do have to spend a food card to keep them around.