Feeder to feedee visual novel ... hopefully

So I have a pretty weird taste in games/ stories even for this community where I like seeing stories of fem feeders becoming feedees. Unfortunately not much has been made fulfilling that role so I’m gonna try making my own. it’s also something fun to do while I wait for the next update of Fill Me Up which is gonna be a big inspiration for this game as can be noticed by what my last post about possibly making a game showed (the same game just incredibly changed ideas) for one I wanted to do blender because I didn’t feel confident in my artistic skills for 2d however my brain did not enjoy trying to learn blender (made a cube) so I’m gonna be doing it 2d for the characters at least. I wanna do it in a similar vein of it being new roommates however with the explicit thing of you being originally at least a feeder (whether to the roommate or not tbd). while I don’t have any characters at the moment I can offer some drawings I have of just characters in general that aren’t necessarily in the game. if anyone has any ideas for character names and personalities (basically character sheets) you would personally like in this kind of game feel free to comment on them and I might use them for the game if I think it fits and I like it more than the character ideas I have.

these are just some drawing of people I’ve made for some reference of the style the characters will most likely be in


also how the fuq do u draw booba

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Fill Me Up was cool, then he started using AI. Your art is nice, it’ll look even better next year if you keep it up.

For breasts look up Michael Hampton’s Figure drawing, they hang off the pectoralis. Proko uses an inverted heart attached to the collarbone. You can also reference other artists.

Blender is very simple, once you have a model you can pose it infinitely, and many artists can also use Blender. Weightgaming has a discord server with a 3D channel + you can do Blender Guru’s doughnut & Rainhet’s character tutorials.


Your art looks cute! I have also always fancied feeders turned feedees, so I’m quite looking forward to see how your project develops!

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thank you hopefully it turns out good. im on holidays this week so im planning out the starter story a bit today so hopefully ill be able to get something short but decent by the end of the week

That’s a very fun concept. I’ve written a few games so let me know if you want a hand with the story side. Can’t do art and not much good at coding unfortunately.

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so um… any chance i could take you up on that offer…?

Feeders becoming feedees is such a great but underused concept. I’m also looking forward to seeing this game/story develop, and the art looks really nice as well :slight_smile:

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You could watch this video from MikeyMegaMega on how to draw booba. Mikey has a ton of great tutorials on how to draw all kinds of things when it comes to the body

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Looks pretty good, i love the feeder turned feedee type of stuff, another promising game to look forward to on the horizon

This is now a GTS vn.

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Oooh im definitely into that,good luck with your game!

And nice pfp : D

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