FeederiSim - Text Feederism Simulator

I have recently released a game on Itch called FeederiSim:

The game allows you to perform several actions with a feedee, such as feeding, rubbing, and kissing. Your feedee will gain weight in response to your doting attention. The game also features an options menu for tweaking your experience, and there is a save feature if you want to revisit your game later.

I appreciate any feedback you have.

Also, hello everyone!


I’m not done with this yet, but I have some nitpicky detail stuff:
The bowl of refried beans has 21.400000000000002 breast calories and stomach calories, and 171.20000000000002 leg calories.
At first I didn’t realise that “inspect” is only for food and “admire” only for the feedee.
Here’s a weird phrase: “her stomach expands over basically none of her lap in a soft, shallow bowl”.
The paragraph printed when the feedee takes a nap is kind of run on. Could use a line break between the last thing she says and the body description.


Fun little game. It could use more variety but for what it is it’s enjoyable. Some of the descriptions are a little odd though.


Thanks so much! These are all great points, so I’ve addressed them. I appreciate you spending time with the game!


I appreciate it! Yeah, I didn’t want anything too complex. I do want to add things like clothing (for growing out of, of course!) and moods, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to accomplish those things.


Can we have default values for height and stuff, I put one in and it was apparently the wrong format because it said ‘NAN’ in-game.


It says in inches so you gotta give inches rather than feed and inches

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Well just in general if you want somebody to input a specific number in a specific format, giving them just a blank text field with no context or instructions is probably the worst implementation you can have. Maybe a slider bar or some kind of unit of measurment would clear things up a lot.


I appreciate the feedback! These are great solutions, but I haven’t made time to implement them. In the meantime, there is now an error message to indicate when something is incorrect.


This has a ton of potential! I can’t wait to see how this develops over time. I do have a few suggestions, though:

  • A way to track fullness would be nice. Whether it’s just a simple “x / y oz” thing in the stats or a colored meter (maybe even an unmarked one if you want to make it harder to go crazy with that).

  • It would be neat to be able to move rooms. Maybe even with events that happen as your feedee gets bigger (things like getting stuck in a door, having to stop and rest, etc.)

  • More foods would be fun. Maybe even a submission form for people to give ideas (with weight and calorie numbers and such required).

  • Speaking of foods, maybe find a way to show their stats outside of the inspect function? Considering how easy it is just to write everything down, it’s a bit pointless to have it be like that.

  • I would understand this being too much effort, but an additional deposit would be neat. Something like “flank,” that would only affect width of each area, while also reducing how much width you get from the other fat deposits. (and maybe giving the chest a width measure and the butt a depth measure with that) I know that this would have to be pretty long term, development wise.

  • Another long-term investment that would be neat would be muscle mass/workouts. Like. Working out a certain area could reduce fat there while increasing muscle, and would have a heavy effect on fullness (with reduced effect when very full)

  • A note for at least minimum/maximum height would be neat too. Including not allowing it to be set past them.

But really, I’m loving this already! Especially considering how rare it is for something like this to have a male option.


These are all thoughtful suggestions!

  • Fullness has been added to the stats view.
  • Moving rooms is a necessity, LOL. Currently, if the feedee falls asleep in the kitchen, you cuddle next to them… while they’re in a chair.
  • I gotta ponder on the other stuff. Thanks so much for leaving suggestions!

Will there be a downloadable version of this at some point?


Thank you for your interest! However, I don’t have plans for a downloadable version at this point. It’s a modest little JavaScript app.

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It’s a good little game, I liked it.
The Arousal being measured in fks gave me a giggle.


A few more suggestions:

  • A notification of some kind when the feedee reaches a new description threshold would be great. Mostly thinking just fir body size descriptions, but it would also be good for bloat levels.

  • Since you do have weight in the game now, a weight limit for all the furniture would be fun, especially if that also came in levels (eg, a level where the furniture starts to creak, then another where it starts to buckle or bend, a level where it finally breaks, etc.)

  • This is both a question and a suggestion, but does satisfying the feedee’s “whims” have any benefit. If not, maybe that’s something that could be added as well. Maybe even expanded into a full “needs” system. No punishment for failing the needs, but maybe multipliers to calories or even just bonus events for meeting those needs.

  • Bit of a bug report: When clicking the settings icon with a custom feedee, this error shows up:
    TypeError: feedee.height_get().toFixed is not a function Source: https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/7551487/index.js Line: 477 Col: 110


A notification of some kind…

This is a good idea!

Since you do have weight in the game now, a weight limit for all the furniture would be fun,…

Beat me to it. I need to post a devlog just to post all the stuff I’d like to add!

This is both a question and a suggestion, but does satisfying the feedee’s “whims” have any benefit…

Yes! If you eat something that the feedee wants, the mass is halved. Or in other words, the feedee has more room for a food item they’re craving.

Bit of a bug report:…

Much appreciated!


One thing I’d love to see is clothes added in as a selection that can effect stuff. For instance tight clothes could restrict eating but if they have something like a button or a zipper, they could be undone by the player to make the them more comfortable. This could apply to both shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts. I don’t know if this has already been added but a system for the stomach size would be nice based on the volume of food or drink the character has eaten.