Feeding Machine?

I was thinking that, if you defeat the Goblin Chief enough times, he’ll not only admit defeat for the last time, but he might just hook up a feeding machine in your character’s house before fleeing into the woods with the other goblins, making the rats the only enemies in Floor 1 of the tower after defeating him and making a staircase to Floor 2 accessible where he would normally be located.

Err… I don’t know about that. The goblins aren’t smart enough to hook up a feeding machine, assuming those existed in this world to begin with.

I do like the idea of something happening if you defeat him enough times, though. Gives more reason to back to Floor 1 apart from the weight changing fairy.

If something happens after defeating him enough times, I hope he at least gets one last battle with reinforcements and higher stakes! Losing to the Succubus just once can be pretty destructive, so I’d hate to see the poor introductory boss go out without getting a real chance to inflict some damage.

I don’t see why a goblin chief would bother going to your house and mount some really weird machine.

Special rewards such as the succubus corset are interesting however, as well as how after defeating her you have a little conversation. Maybe after defeating the chief you’d have access (only the first time you defeat him) to his treasure and get money or some nice objects?