Feeding simulator. Concept for a part sandbox part resource management in dept feeding game. Need help to get started!

I have an idea for a weight gain interactive game that i have had in my mind for quite a while. The basic idea is that you are a feeder, and that you have a female feedee that you have to… well… feed. The game mechanic will have the girl stationed in one room awaiting nourishment while you the player goes outside to find food, earn money, buy food, prepare meals… basically you will try and gather as much scrumptious snacks as possible to fuel your feedee’s ever growing gut.

The game will probably have a very minimal story and won’t be very challenging as I wish for the game to greatly focus on the gathering, preparation and consumption of food. There will be no time constraints to play by so you can just play at your own pace and feed your girl however fast or slow as you like. So it will be like a sandbox that you can explore with some resource management elements. the game will be somewhat grounded in reality with slower weight gain and more in depth feeding sessions, although I would like to add some more fantasylike elements like growth potions and other fun wacky stuff to find throughout the game.

I really feel like the weight gaming scene lacks a game like this (at least that i haven’t found). Most weight gain games have you feeding girls sure, but it’s often through playing some sort of mini game and trying to get a high score which sometimes is too stressful and just takes you out of the mood. Sometimes I just want to sit back, relax and feed a lovely lady.

The most ambitious part about the game is that I would like to have good looking dynamic graphical representation of the girl you are feeding. In this graphical representation there should be different regions of the body that can grow to different sizes and with somewhat different shapes too. that each time you feed a girl they have slightly different “genetic setup” that make their breasts grow faster or that the belly look differently from girl to girl. This is probably the part of the game I am going to need most help with. I wish also for the girls to have different hairs and faces that make every new game unique.

I would also wish to implement a dialogue option so you can talk with the girls, also here it would be cool for the girls to have different personalities. this would change how you play the game as some girls might like to eat more slowly and tenderly while others like it more rough and forceful.

I have a good amount of programming experience although very little in making an actual game, although I learn quickly so I mainly ask for your expertise in what software I should use. Like which programming language would fit best in creating the game and how could it be done. What is the best way of creating this dynamic gaining character. I would imagine some sort of vector line art that can change its form.

I would love to hear feedback on the actual concept and on how it could be made, if at all possible.
-Thank you.


Alright I will take a stab at this, I’m interested in this concept myself after all. I am a student of games design in my 3rd year of university so fingers crossed I can be of some help lol.

The concept: Like I said, i’m interested; I like the idea of slow but steady progression. I submitted a game for the weight gaming game jam with this in mind (I wasn’t able to do as well as I had wanted just due to still being in the learning process for this whole programming and art thing lol). I would potentially caution you on having too little challenge in the game. I wholeheartedly agree that quite a few of the games around are perhaps too fast paced and don’t leave enough time to enjoy the show. That said if you are going to make a low challenge game, it can still have depth. I’m only speaking off the top of my fried brain here but I would be curious to ask you about specifics for the actual mechanics: The resource management, the exploration elements and the feeding sessions. I can somewhat see a game in there already, You need resources to reach the end goal of glorious fatness, you need to explore say a nearby town to get them. Once you have them you need to prepare those resources in a certain way to gain a desired effect. The further exploration you do, the more experiments you try (thinking things like trying different food combos or something) the easier it gets to get your feedee to gain (grow boobs, butt, ect). So in short the game loop is something like: Explore, Gather, Mix, Feed, Learn, Repeat. Which isn’t bad. (I would love to hear your thoughts though, that’s just a suggestion :smiley: )

The making: Good news is if you have experience as you suggested, game programming won’t be a huge leap for you. For something like this I recomend the Unity game engine with C# as the programming language. You could arguably use game maker or perhaps even renpy, but these have more limits. The gentetic setup aspect is one I am really interested in. The game “Fetish master” has a super complex system that I wish was even more accessable than it already is. You wouldnt need anything this complex, especially to begin with. The genetic values are simply that, just values (variables) even complex sounding systems are usually not a problem to program, you just break each mechanic down into their most basic component parts and go from there. Even if it takes you a while to learn the new programming language (assuming you dont already know a C language that is!) You should be able to get used to it fairly quickly (I moved from actionscript to C# so its doable lol) Unity can be a little problematic since its interface is fairly complicated but once you get the basics down you can make good headway with it.

The art: This is the part I am worried about with almost every project on this site. We have loads of talented artists in close realtion to the site, even so employing their services for what would likely be a rather large number of images could be pricey and time consuming (not gonna discount their talents though some of them are incredible!) Thinking about the system, especially if you want different body parts growing at different rates (and potentially to different consistencys like hard fat vs soft fat) you would likely need a few models for each individual part. (They could be expanded or stretched with great care but its tough to make that look good for a long time) Nice faces and other features are also pretty important imo. For testing, programmer art is always usable; for the future though well I don’t know how much help i can be in this regard lol.

Fingers crossed this has been useful, good luck to you and feel free to poke me with questions and such if you want :slight_smile:


this sounds fun

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Charters? Like with maps? XD

Thank you for the reply. Sounds like unity would be a good place to start. I have programmed in C++ before so it should be easy.

You pretty much nailed my vision for the game play and I agree in giving the game some challenge, more specifically in the gathering of food and how you feed it to the girl. I imagine that you should be able to use certain items and tactics to make the girl hungrier or to increase her capacity. so the challenge will definitely lie in exploring and learning what to do and how to do it best.

I have not come up with exactly what the specific game mechanics will be. Right now my plan is to try and tackle the hardest problem which is the art. I would like to just play around and see how feasible my idea for the art is, as it is a pretty big part of the game.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.:smiley:

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as for art I would recommend 3d models with shape keys for each individual part of the body, then all you have to do is raise the keys value at different rates to get the different rates of growth. if you want to be extra advanced and have say different belly types represented you would need a specific model for that though, but if the character will always clothes you can easily mix one type of belly with another type of butt for example.

what sizes are you thinking the max would be?

I was mainly imagining having a 2D character. Although I do have a lot of experience in 3D modelling so that is an option. Maybe I could make a 3D model that I then render to look 2D.

As to the maximum size I will attempt to go as big as possible, hopefully I can make the transittion look good all the way up to immobillity.

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Ive been playing Magical Seed Garden, which is a project listed here on weight gaming. If you had to go down the 3D route I would wager that the way the weight gain is done in this is closest to how id imagine it looking in your game (The models look odd at bigger sizes unfortuantely, not savvy enough with 3D to know how to fix it). As an ideas thing though I thought it was pretty interesting to look at and it reminded me of your concept to a degree. :smiley:

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I downloaded a free female model and made shape keys by using sculpt tools. It seems to work good for the different body parts. The problem, as I guess may be the same for Magical seed garden, is to make the transition between parts look good and believable.

I will play around with it, and later I will also try a solely 2D approach. After that I’ll decide what is most worth working on.


Yes very much yesssss

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very interested in the concept. I give you my support

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