Feeling the Weight of It All - Weight gain VN

@SamsRollsRoyce Those are some really good ideas and I like the concept of breaking points for the characters to give it more of realistic approach to everything. For now what I am working on atm is to try and make the game be a bit less linear and more dynamic and open feeling from the story rn. So within the next few months or so I will try and progress the story and game design a bit further.


Hey everyone its been a bit but since its been so long I wanted to share some news with everybody here! Its been posted in the discord server for a bit but I just brought on another artist to help work on the game, and that artist is TDokus. He is super exciting to start working on this project and I am glad to have him on. Here is a link to his Twitter and deviantart so go give him a follow if ya haven’t already.


Also with more news, the one year anniversary of the game will be coming up on the 22nd of August of game development so look forward to the next update by then which should tie everything up to allow everyone to get more into the world of the game. Thank you all again so much for all your support!!


Hmm, out of curiosity, will the game’s artstyle be changed significantly or stay relatively the same with the new artist in mind?

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No it will not change. He has done a good job with keeping the styles consistent with woomy’s work. He will be working more on the CGs and less of the sprite work, so there shouldn’t be any issues that could arise out of the style change in the main game aspect.


Just now checking this out, and now seeing, if the artists’ external works are any reference for how big some of these girls might potentially get down the line, then oh my!

Currently a bit short, but the plot is set up pretty well and the art is magnificent. Each of the characters have a really good design, and each has a solid archetype that sets them apart. Honestly was wondering how getting into weight gain would be after introducing everyone through a pre-workout meet-up, but you ended up working it out pretty well! So far, most interactions between characters are pretty good and make sense (The rambunctious and outspoken Ash startling the reserved and anxious Abby, or the egoistic and dismissive Olivia working with the driven and kind Naomi only as far as she needs to before leaving). I’m also quite surprised how different certain interactions change with Naomi depending on whether or not you decide to withhold information, so I wonder just how much more not being honest with her in the beginning will affect in the future.

Honestly the one thing that leaves me curious is why Olivia would help Naomi in the first place, though I’m sure that might be understood better in a future update. Whether it’s because she just wants to see someone succeed, or if she feels she could benefit from the joint, I’m curious about her motivations. I also like the idea of a potentially dominant feedee.

Overall, definitely looking forward to how this story and its characters develop!


@Pudgelover111 Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game and the pretty indepth analysis on all the girls. It was pretty spot on with my vision for each of the girls. Now to do a quick answer on the relationship between Olivia and Naomi. Without getting too deep in detail of their relationship but there is a bit of history between the two that will make itself more apparent within the upcoming updates. But for now that’s all I can say without going into some spoilers. But look forward to it I assue you it’s worth thr wait!

And in other new we are slowly cominc up to the one year anniversary of the game so look forward to seeing more news upcoming soon!

Lastly I wanted to start seeking out some help with the game’s development. I currently have a good team with story boarding and working more with writing but the main thing that we need at the moment is a second programmer because right now I am the only person doing all the work and would like to get someone else to help split the load. So if you know someone or are someone who has a decent background in python or renpy that would be amazing and shoot me a DM on here or on discord and we can see what you can do!

Thanks again to everyone for following this little project and building to its success it would be nothing without you all!


Sadly my inconsistency in the community means I haven’t really developed many connections and I don’t think any of the connections I made however long ago were programmers. If I do catch something I’ll let you know, but otherwise apologies for not being much help in that field!

I’ll definitely be looking forward to this future update to see what all else it unveils! What’s out now is enough to set intrigue for characters and their dynamics (Except for Zoe, who doesn’t appear much yet) and also shows how choosing certain decisions can impact the direction of the story (Honestly the fact that being upfront about your feeding passions or not had such a major impact on how Zoe responded in later scenes still super caught me off guard, but it’s not unappreciated. It actually seems like she likes the idea of weight gain but is battling with the fear that her mother is right and won’t find anyone if she puts on a few extra, which looking back on is a fairly unique dynamic). Ready to uncover more of this history and character in this anniversary update!


Unfortunately, renpy and python are my weakness in my own development and I’m primarily a writer. If I can think of anyone that might work, I’ll try and point them your way.


@Pudgelover111 Thank you for feedback mostly want I want is someone to really help me look over my code and maybe brush up a few things along the way. Nothing too big or hard to do.

@Muffintopmanor1 My coding isn’t too bad but it’s mainly I have a full time job and would like sometimes to get someone else to who could help out a bit with working in tandem together, so that the work could get done a bit faster and we could work on the coding a bit faster so there would not be so much down time between updates.


Hi Smug, I’ve been following the game’s progress for some time but haven’t checked back in a while. I’m a final-year Electronic Engineering student with a decent handle on python, java and c / c++ / c# (damnable c and it’s many forms). I was working on my own open-ended VN for some time on here but got way-laid by the dreaded “full-time job” but I’d be happy to lend some assistance when I can if that’s something you still need.


Sorry to everyone who has been waiting here for a while but I been super busy since I started my new job in September and having had too much time to really work to hard on the game. But since then I have gotten some additional help from some other’s to help with the storyboarding and writing of scenes so that should help spend up the process a bit. In addition i want to start really working more on the general storyline and there might be a few tweaks to the story in the next upcoming updates or so. But overall thank you again for your continued support and kind feedback on the game.

@FaFeeder112 if you would like to help out sometime with some ideas for coding shoot me an dm on here and we can work somethings out whenever you are available, and thank you for your interest in the project!


Hey everyone it’s been a bit but I wanted to update you on the current state of the game. Me and my team have been working hard on getting reorganized in the production of this game. But I do bring some bad news. Unfortunately Woomy, for the unforeseeable future will have to step down from being the lead artist for Feeling the Weight of it all; due to personal issues she is unable to continue to work on the project. But I do have some good news, with Woomy being no longer working with us I have found a new person to help us with the art. My good mate Dook will be coming along for the ride on this very bumpy road called game development! So he will be taking over as the main game artist and will be doing some reworks on the sprites and the larger sizes so be on the lookout for updates with the game and we will be working hard to get more on track with everything. With that being said some housekeeping that needs to be done.

We are completely redoing like 90% of the game’s initial dialog and opening. We felt over re-reading many times that the pacing is a bit off and could be reworked with some better writing and reworking some of the characters overall. So we decided to scrap most of the old dialog and story elements to make the transition of the game to flow so much easier with what direction we want to take the game!

But in all we are happy to keep working on this project; I and my team are so glad to have the support of you all even though there has not been much in the much of dev talk in a while and I do apologize for it all, I have been very busy with work since accepting my new position and only now do I have the time to really focus more on the game’s development. So with it all being said thank you all again for everything and be on the lookout for more info upcoming soon.


Sorry to hear that, that said I also really like TheDookus even though I enjoyed more and grew accustomed to Woom’s characters in the game. Are you going to keep Woom’s character drawings in the game or are you going to remake them in the new artstyle? Or maybe you gave him directions to draw the new stages in a similar way?


I always can’t help but take notice of how hard it is to develope a game. Even when you are using a predisposed platform and you don’t have to create an engine and a source code, you need to assemble a team, coordinate effort, wait for everyone to finish their tasks, then compile the results and there will ALWAYS be something that goes wrong (burnout, pc failure, you name it), that member not being able to deliver or quitting for whatever reason. Even if you possess all the necessary skills and are doing it by yourself the difficulties are not less, they are just different and the workload is daunting to say the least.
Sometimes I have considered trying my hand at this, doing the writing and the 3d art while using the help of somebody with programming skills, but the conclusion has always been the same: a big fat “NOOOPE!”. Shout out to those who have the patience and the fortitude to see their project through


Dook will be redrawing the character sprites as we can’t use Woomy art. We’ll keep the same likeness to the original art, just in a new style.

@Horseless_Knight so what are wanting to do is to keep it around the same style of woomy hut put dooks flare on things. The sizes are going to a bit different with us going with the characters getting a bit bigger than previously expected. But overall we are going to try and keep it as close to the original source material as possible.


@Burpinz Thats the goal lol. We are trying to make this work even though there has been some set backs. We are all really passionate in trying to make this all work for the betterment of you giys the fans.