Female anatomy regions (visual reference)


Please ensure you place topics in the correct category. #projects is not where you want to place a post like this and this is not the first of your “visual reference” guides that have ended up in odd or inappropriate categories.

Where do I put them?

Anything that is for the reference or discussion related to design related topics like art, writing, programing, etc should go under their respective category under #project-help.

For example, since your post is an anatomy reference #project-help:art-animation makes the most sense for the post.

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Ah, complex figures being explained with simplified geometric shapes. you love to see it.

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Thank you. You’re the only one to respond to my question and not just remove the post

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I would like to apologize for that. Due to the game jam and external factors our admin and mod team has been a bit overloaded (my self included). We usually try to explain the reasons why an action was taken, but sometimes it may not be feasible or practical for the admin/mod to do so atm. This tends to happen for infractions the admin/mod team feel are minor or happen so often we just can not respond to each one such as duplicated posts or asking for updates.

I hope you can have patience with us.

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Of course. Thank you for your patience