Femboy collage weight game interactive story idea.

When I woke up today. I had an idea of doing a story with something like that can be made in those dating game makers.

To save effort I should make a story I would be interested in to start off with. Rather than add side features to the story that snowballs the story out too far and I lose all the wind in my sails before I can expand the story.

Anyways the idea I have is to make a story with a straight pear-shaped femboy feede that goes to college.
Due to the cost of college, you need to work on the side to make ends meant. You’ll start off underweight, and as you make friends at school. keeping good relations with the little time you have could pay off as you could ask for favors for food or help with doing homework to save time.

The game’s goal is to get through school while making enough to eat well or save money and cook at home, in the hopes of getting fatter one day.

While you do this, you can meet up with people depending on what you do depending on how you spend your time.
For examples,

  • You work at a bakery, and you notice another student gets a part-time job like you. And due to this, you share your interest in food, and they might be into feeding people and bakes you extra food.
  • You work out at the gym so you don’t feel too unhealthy when you’ve overeaten. If you hang out there, you might meet up with a student that is into sports. And might be wondering what you’re up to at the gym.
  • You’re studying in the library, and you meet a shy bookworm student that’s in your class. So you help one another with projects and homework.
  • Or maybe you go out to party and get wasted and encounter wilder outgoing students to meet up with.

While I know how to write a bit and I’m an art student (sculptor), I’m not the best at programming. I’ve modding a few games and even made a real-time mode in quest with work weight gain/loss and eating/fullness.

Let me know if anyone is into this idea? And if there’s a good program to start off with? Or if I should just can this idea and forget about it. c:


ooo, that sounds like a great idea! since you’re interested in making an interactive story, your best bet would be making it in either twine or ren’py.

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This is a very interesting idea and I’d love to see it go somewhere! I don’t know what programs would fit best for it but Ren’Py and Twine seem to be pretty big go-to’s as said before

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As a femboy myself, I’d like to see this come to fruition. quest and twine are the two main text adventure engines, while ren’py is more visual novel-ish.